Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 23 - 27, 2018


We hope everyone had a great week.  I know we did.  Here are some quick highlights:

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Muhlbaier's 5th grade classes wrote to various colleges.  The students were to research which college they think they'd like to attend and reach out to them.  The letter had to include certain aspects about their lives and why they were interested in that particular college.  This week, many of the students received back info from their schools.  Check out the pictures below. It's exciting to see our 5th graders excited about college.  Great job, Mrs. Muhlbaier and students!

Last week, the staff received info about the Alice method of lockdowns and active shooter training.  Info can be found by clicking here.  In short, Alice is an approach to active shooter situations that empowers would-be victims to be more engaged in their own safety and protection.  A more comprehensive training will be done with the staff sometime in the future.  We'd like to thank members of the Millville Police Department for spending some time with us during this initial training, and we look forward to learning more about the program in order to keep our students and staff as safe as possible. 

After much preparation, PARCC is nearly here. We'd like to remind all parents and students that our learners should get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast during the testing - things they should be doing anyway!  While we certainly don't learn all there is to know about our school and students from one test, we do want to encourage all our Bears to try their best.

Exciting news!  Bacon's 3rd community night will be on May 22.  See the flyer below for more info.  We hope you can join us for what is always a fun night. 

That's all for now - everyone have a fantastic week!!

The Week Ahead
Sunday: Earth Day

Monday (4/23): C day - lesson plans due, post grades by 8 am

Tuesday (4/24): D day - PARCC testing begins (grades 3-5)

Wednesday (4/25): E day - PARCC testing continues (grades 3-5), Workout Wednesday, reports cards go home

Thursday (4/26): A day - Take-your-child-to-work day (no PARCC testing)

Friday (4/27): B day - wear Bacon gear, PARCC testing resumes (grades 3-5), Jeans day (anti-bullying)

Upcoming Dates
April 24-May 1: PARCC testing
May 2-4:  PARCC make-up testing
May 17: NJSLA-Science (5th grade only)
May 18: NJSLA-Science make-up (5th grade)

Bacon Pics

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 16 - 20, 2018


Another fun week has come and gone in the land of the Bacon Bears!

Last week, our book fair was in full gear.  Although shortened by the snow days from earlier this year, Mrs. Rowland and her crew still managed to sell near record-breaking amounts of books and other items.  Thank you to Mrs. Rowland for organizing and managing the fair, and thanks to the parents and staff members who helped out with sales and who assisted the customers as they shopped.  It was a team effort, and this year's fair was an undoubted success.

On Friday, Bacon participated in Bubbles for Autism to raise awareness for those affected with autism spectrum disorder. The event began with the whole school meeting in the gym to briefly talk about the disorder, what bubbles represent, and why we use bubbles to raise awareness.  We then filed out to the front lawn and participated in the event for about 15 minutes.  The weather was perfect, and our Bears were able to do something positive and have a little fun while doing it.   

You'll see in this week's "Bacon Pics" section our pictures from the Egg Roll.  I thought they were uploaded last week, but I was wrong!  I'd like to thank Mrs. Muhlbaier and her 5th grade team for organizing the event.  Our whole school got to have fun, and the classes that got the most eggs from grades K-2 and 3-5 were able to raise money for their classroom.  Also, thanks for Mrs. Gandy for the great shots of the event. Well done, all!

That's it from the update desk.  Everyone have another safe, fun, productive week.

The Week Ahead
Monday (4/16): C day - lesson plans due, Walk-a-Mile kickoff (for staff)

Tuesday (4/17): D day - Spring photos, LTM meeting (2 pm at Culver, Mike only)

Wednesday (4/18): E day - ALICE training (8 am in the library)

Thursday (4/19): A day - PARCC training for testing staff (8 am in the library -- all non-testing staff will report to the gym during that time)

Friday (4/20): B day - wear Bacon gear 

Upcoming Dates
4/24: Begin PARCC testing
4/25: Report cards go home
4/26: Take-your-child-to-work day (No PARCC on this day)

Bubbles for Autism Pics

Bacon Pics
Kindergarten helping make a fun, healthy snack with Ms. Candy

Having fun in Club 21
Fresh cut and sharp clothes
Another pic from March's PBIS assembly - look at our staff members get those eggs!

A "classy" lunch for the winners of the drawing

More egg drop pics from 3rd grade
Getting set for the drop

The bird's-eye view
Waiting for the drop

Bacon Egg Roll

Birthday Selfies!