Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15 - 19, 2018


We hope everyone a great week.  Our first full week of the year featured some great activities taking place in classes, a music demonstration, and some good conversation about learning.

But before we get into this week's blog, we'd like to recognize the honorable and heroic work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In today's world, there is no shortage of people telling us how to feel about any number of things.  Oftentimes, volume and intensity are confused with truth.  Perhaps we'd all do well to listen to Dr. King's words and reflect on what really matters.  He and others challenged us to be kind, decent, understanding, loving, forgiving, and helping humans.  Dr. King let his light and love do something.  In spite of the danger, and in the face of hate, he let his light shine and his love conquer.  May his life and example inspire us to be better people who continue to strive for a better society.  The work is never done.  I believe we honor him best by letting our own light shine and our own love conquer.  Thank you, Dr. King, for doing what was right despite the cost.  May we all have your courage.    

This week, I was able to observe a lesson that was almost exclusively done using Google Classroom.  For those who might be unfamiliar, Google Classroom is a web-based platform where teachers can assign work and check it in real time.  It's a sort of virtual classroom that is highly interactive and fun for the students.  In this lesson, the students were introduced the concept of fractions.  Particularly, they were to determine equal vs. unequal amounts, and they were to analyze parts of a whole. Using Google Classroom, the teacher was able to track their progress as they worked through the problems and offer quick, individualized help as needed.  It was a nice example of what technology can do in the classroom, and these are areas where we'll continue to develop and grow - interactive learning with focused, timely feedback.

We'd like to thank representatives from Cole's Music Service for their instrument demonstration on Friday.  For students signing up for band (and for those already playing an instrument), it was a nice demonstration on what various instruments can do.  The students enjoyed hearing their demo, and the presenters played popular songs and recognizable bits of music to keep them interested.

During this week's staff meeting, a number of us looked at walkthrough data for Bacon.  Basically, this is a snap shot of what is going in the classrooms.  We looked at trends and methodologies within our school, and we used this info to talk about learning, instruction, and how we can make sure students are demonstrating the skills they are learning.  We also reviewed discipline and absenteeism data, and we did some planning for upcoming assemblies and events.

Attention staff members, parents, community members, local businesses, and 4th and 5th grade students!  Please join us on Tuesday, January 16th for Millville's second strategic planning session.  Come be a part of planning for the future.  Click here to sign up, but you don't need to sign up to attend.

Nurse Pruett wants to thank Bacon School’s club 21 students and staff for walking to NY with her.
They showed great team work walking and creating a New Year’s Eve themed party in Times Square to Celebrate 2018.     

That's all for now.  Everyone have a fantastic week.  

The Week Ahead
Monday (1/15): NO SCHOOL -- schools closed in observance of Martin Luther King Day 

Tuesday (1/16): E day - Millville Public Schools 2nd strategic planning meeting (6:30 - 8 pm at the Lakeside Middle School cafeteria)

Wednesday (1/17):  A day - Workout Wednesday

Thursday (1/18): B day - Staff meeting  (8 am in the library)

Friday (1/19): C day - Wear Bacon gear

Upcoming January Dates
January 22nd: Family Yoga Night sponsored by the Parents as Leaders Coalition.  6:30 - 8 in the Bacon gym.  All are welcome, but you must register by 1/19 to save a spot.  Please call Honesty at 856-265-1456 to reserve a spot.    
**The Parents as Leaders Coalition will be hosting a number of events here at Bacon.  These events will take place on Mondays throughout the winter and early spring.  Stay tuned for more info.**

January 29th: NO SCHOOL - staff professional development day

Pictures from around the School

Students in Mrs. Gandy's class working together

Mr. Coyle with the cone patrol
Mrs. Summers is back in action!

Students practicing writing their names in Mrs. Munzenmayer's class
Mr. Coyle's Bear Buddy

Mr. Coyle's other Bear Buddy

More from Cole's music

Birthday Selfies!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 8 - 12, 2018


The weather outside was frightful!  A nor'easter brought us snow, ice, and a few late Christmas presents - two snow days and a four-day weekend.  Sorry, no refunds or returns on these gifts; they are ours for the keeping.  I hope everyone took advantage of the extra time off as warmly and safely as possible.

I'd like to take and moment and thank Millville Public School's custodial crews for getting the sidewalks, parking lots, and buildings ready for school after the storm.  While the students and most of the staff members were avoiding the mess, our custodians were going into it.  In particular, I'd like to thank Frank Lowers, Glenn Hunter, and Ben Pierce for their hard work in getting Bacon back into school shape.  Not only from the storm, but also from a situation that occurred last weekend just prior to our return from the holiday break.  Gentlemen, thank you for your dedication to our school and students!

We were only back in school for two days, but it was a good two days.  On Tuesday, we welcomed back our music teacher, Mrs. Rohaly.  She, her husband, and her baby are doing fine, and it's great to have her back.

That's it for this week - short week, short update.  Be sure to check the upcoming dates.  All are invited to Millville Public School's 2nd strategic planning meeting on Jan 16th.  See below for more info, and we hope to see you there.  You can sign up by clicking here.  You do not, however, need to sign up to attend.

The Week Ahead
Monday (1/8): E day:  We're back! Again!  Lesson plans due  

Tuesday (1/9): A day - a great day of fun and learning

Wednesday (1/10):  B day - I&RS meeting

Thursday (1/11): C day - Staff meeting  (8 am in the library, the PD specialists will host this meeting and offer a "PD sampler")

Friday (1/12): D day - Wear Bacon gear

Upcoming January Dates
January 15th: Schools closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 16th: Millville Public Schools 2nd strategic planning meeting (6:30-8 at Lakeside Middle School's cafeteria.  Click here to sign up.)

January 29th: Staff professional development day - no school 

Pictures from around the School
Mrs. Rohaly is back and doing her thing

Birthday Selfies!

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2 - January 5, 2018


Happy New Year!  We at Bacon hope everyone had a safe and relaxing break.  I believe our best days are before us - individually and as a school.  Everyone have a great week back, and let's get to it!

As you can see, we had some fun before school let out.  Even the big man himself (who looked a lot like Mr. Postalwaite) popped in to see us off. 

We've got some cool pics from the week before the break.  Check them out, and make sure to take a look at the upcoming events. 

The Week Ahead
Tuesday (1/2): C day:  School resumes! Welcome back!  

Wednesday (1/3): D day - Lesson plans due, Dare to Be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday

Thursday (1/4):  E day - Staff meeting  (8 am in the library, the PD specialists will host this meeting and offer a "PD sampler")

Friday (1/5): A day - Dare to Be Fit (8 am in the gym), wear Bacon gear

Upcoming January Dates
January 16th: Millville Public Schools 2nd strategic planning meeting (6:30-8 at Lakeside Middle School's cafeteria - all are welcome!  More info forthcoming.)

Pictures from around the School

Mrs. Digiorgio's class used math to make gingerbread houses

Mrs. Gandy and Mr. Coyle were feeling Charlie Brownish before the break

Thanks to the students from Millville High School for delivering presents to our K and 1st grade classes!

You're a mean one...
...but he found his heart in time for Christmas

1st graders discovering some overnight mischief.  Where was the elf hidden?  How could this happen??

Thanks again, Millville High School!

Smiles all around

Mr. Josh Postalwaite's last day.  We'll miss him!  He did a great job subbing for Mrs. Rohaly. 

Birthday Selfies!