Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 24 - 28, 2018


We hope you all had an outstanding week.  Learning and fun are in full swing here at Bacon, and our Bears are off to a great start this school year.

The MPS STEM trailer is here! 
This week, the district's new STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) trailer made its official debut - at Bacon school, no less!  Students from Mr. D's 5th grade class were able to build small robotic cars and remotely drive them.  A few students had time to program the cars to run predetermined routes.  This project allowed our learners to get hands-on experience in the areas of engineering and robotics, and many of our students had a blast while accomplishing something complex and intricate.  The project lasted four days, and next week, it will be Muhlbaier's turn to have her class do the same assignment.  Bobby Barber, our district's math and science supervisor, spearheaded and oversaw the effort to obtain and convert the trailer into a mobile STEM lab, and it was his vision to bring the learning to the students in such a fun and engaging way. In a word, it's awesome!  We'd like to thank Gerald Bruman and Shawn Jenkins from the high school for working with our students during this joint effort.

Speaking of math - parents, there is an informational meeting at Lakeside on Monday regarding Eureka Math (grades K-2).  Please see below for more details.

On Tuesday, we had our annual Back to School Night.  Parents were able to come and meet their teachers, ask a few questions, and have good dialogues and communication in a positive, productive way.  We also had many sign up to get involved with our Home School Association, so stay tuned for more info there. 

Staff - don't forget your why.  Don't let it get fuzzy.  Remember, why drives everything.  Everything.

That's all for now.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend and week ahead.

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/24): C day - lesson plans due, staff flu shots, board meeting recognizing years of service 

Tuesday (9/25): D day - A terrific Tuesday

Wednesday (9/26): E day - Birthday Book Program Assembly (K-2 at 9:30, 3-5 at approximately 10:15)

Thursday (9/27): A day - Another great day

Friday (9/28): B day - 3rd grade dictionary delivery, wear Bacon gear

Upcoming Dates
10/3: SCHOOLS CLOSED for staff development day
10/4: Fire Prevention
10/8: SCHOOLS CLOSED in observance of Columbus Day
10/24: Fall Frolic

STEM Trailer/Robotics Pics

A peak inside the mobile STEM lab

Millville's engineering program does well - can you tell?
The engineers getting their instructions

Mr. D's class preparing to build

A completed project.  Going mobile. 

A quick adjustment

Driving the completed project

Bacon Pics

Mrs. Cheeseman's class is off to a great start. 

Someone loves her Bacon socks

Two mystery Bears rocking their new Bacon socks

The now infamous watermelon outfit

Famous Footwear dropping off donations.  Thank you!

A beautiful sunset kicks off Back to School Night

Enjoying a night out - a Back to School Night out

The new Bacon mascot

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 17 - 21, 2018


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'll have a bit more to say in next week's blog.  For now, I'd like to thank everyone, from those at Bacon to our admin team at Culver, who stepped in to help or offered support at Bacon during my unexpected absences.  We work with the best people in the best district  - period! 

Parents - don't forget about Back to School Night this Tuesday at 7 pm.  We hope to see you. 

Staff - our PARCC part 2 meeting will be this Thursday at 8 am. 

Everyone have a great week.

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/17): C day - lesson plans due

Tuesday (9/18): D day - Back to School Night, 7 pm

Wednesday (9/19): E day - another great day

Thursday (9/20): A day - staff meeting (8 am in the library)

Friday (9/21): B day - wear Bacon gear

Upcoming Dates
9/24: Staff flu shots by Rite Aid
9:26: Birthday Book Program assembly (time TBD - will be in the morning)
10/3: SCHOOLS CLOSED for staff development day
10/4: Fire Prevention
10/8: SCHOOLS CLOSED in observance of Columbus Day

Bacon Pics

Parents came in to read to their Bears 

Info regarding Coloring with the Sheriff

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 10 - 14, 2018 -- Welcome Back Edition


We - are - back!!  By the second day, it was like we never left.  Everyone was in the flow, doing what they do with excellence and pride.  While summer breaks are nice, there is something special about the beginning of a new school year.  September comes in with optimism, expectation, hope, anticipation.


Well, the students - they are our why.  They are why we do what we do, and they are why we have all chosen this profession.  If we as a school keep that clear, everything else (the what's and the how's) stays focused.  This is something we as a staff reminded ourselves of during our opening meetings - why we do this.  Sure, not everything goes perfect.  Sometimes things don't work out the way we think, and occasionally our plans don't go as smoothly as we hope.  So goes life.  But as long as our why doesn't change, we can keep moving forward and keep improving.  Every day, every month, every school year. 

It's great to be back, and it's great to remind ourselves why we do this.   

For more information on the power and purpose of why, please see Simon Sinek's Start with Why 

Parents/Guardians - this is a friendly reminder that RM Bacon is a healthy school.  Important information was sent home last week detailing what foods and snacks can and can't be sent in with your child.  If you have any questions, contact the school.  We'd be happy to review the information with you.

Tuesday, September 18th at 7 pm is our Back-to-School night.  Mark your calendars!

Beginning and End Times/Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures 
8:55 - doors open.  Please do not drop off children unattended prior to this time.  Latch Key is available beginning at 7 am should your child need it.  Please contact the school for more info.

For car drop offs, please use the designated car line.  You may enter using the gate on 3rd street.  Cars are not permitted to drop off students in front of the building.

9:15 - school starts.  After this time, your child will need to report to the front desk for a late pass.

3:40 - car and bus riders are dismissed.  Again, car riders are to use the designated car line.  Cars are not permitted to pick up children in front of the school.  This is illegal (it is a no parking zone), and this quickly becomes chaotic and dangerous.

3:45 - walkers dismissed.  Please use the sidewalks and crosswalk.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in helping ensure every Bacon Bear is safe during these busy and high-traffic times!

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/10): C day - lesson plans due, K-2 assembly (9:30 in the gym), 3-5 assembly (10:00 in the gym)

Tuesday (9/11): D day - a great day

Wednesday (9/12): E day - another great day

Thursday (9/13): A day - staff meeting (8 am in the library), Exact Path/Edmentum Training during 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade PLCs.  

Friday (9/14): B day - wear Bacon gear

Upcoming Dates
9/18: Back-to-School Night, 7 pm
9/20: Staff meeting, 8 am in the library
9:26: Birthday Book Program assembly (time TBD - will be in the morning)

Bacon Pics

Please welcome Mrs. Gandy, 1st grade! 
Please welcome Mr. Trout, Bacon's new music teacher!

He's ready, and so are all our Bears

Our safety patrol receiving donations from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

Staff BBQ

Mrs. Brown, our wonderful crossing guard

Thank you, Sheriff's Office
Don't tell me he's not excited!

Another happy face

Enjoying the first week of school...and lunch

Birthday Selfies!