Sunday, October 15, 2017

October 16 - 20, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


Another great week is behind us, and another is before us.  We've got a few exciting events on the horizon - please see below. 

Lots of good things are happening in the classrooms.  So far, I've been able to do almost 50 walkthrus since school began.  Many of our bears are engaged in exciting, worthwhile lessons and activities.  These are the ages and grades when most students still look forward to coming to school - to see their friends, to be around the familiar, and to see you!  Keep up the good work - keep those bears coming back for more!  Keep giving them a reason to look forward to coming to RM Bacon!


This week is Wellness Week!  Please see the flyer above for more info. Here are the color themes for the week:
Monday (10/16) = wear BLACK
Tuesday (10/17) = wear RED
Wednesday (10/18) = wear BLUE
Thursday (10/19) = wear GREEN
Friday (10/20) = wear PINK

This Thursday (10/19), Connecting Families to Communities and RM Bacon Elementary are hosting a Family Game Night here at the school from 6-8 pm.  We'll be setting up in the cafeteria and library (if needed).  This event is open to all, so please feel free to come join us.  Don't stay home "board."  Come out and have fun!

Staff - We will likely have another Frolic planning meeting this week sometime in the afternoon.  We'll let you know what day.  10-15 minutes tops. 

Everyone have a great week!

The Week Ahead
Monday (10/16): B Day -  lesson plans due, PDPs due, wear black

Tuesday (10/17): C day - Elks Lodge 3rd grade dictionary delivery, wear red  

Wednesday (10/18): D day - Workout Wednesday, wear blue

Thursday (10/19): E day -Staff Meeting (8am in the library - Linda from RAC to discuss Guided Reading, Running Records), Bacon Family Game Night (6 - 8 pm in the cafeteria and library), wear green

Friday (10/20):  A day - Wear Bacon Gear, wear pink

On the horizon
October 25 - Fall Frolic (6-8 pm)
October 26 - Fire Safety day

Picture from around the School

Birthday Selfies

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9 - 13, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


I hope everyone enjoyed their day off.  Hopefully, you all got to do something fun and/or relaxing.  Any opportunity we get to recharge the battery and carve out extra time with our loved ones is always time well spent.  As Stephen Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) would say, it's one of the ways to "sharpen the saw."  We can keep ourselves sharp through study and attaining new knowledge, researching effective techniques to use in the classrooms, brushing up on other job-related skills, etc.  But we also keep ourselves sharp by getting in tune with our specific needs.  Sometimes, we just need to take a walk, spend a day with our families or friends, read a novel, get some popcorn and watch a movie, or do something else that isn't necessarily productive but is highly needed - and, in a way, that makes it very productive indeed.

The school year is young, but don't fail to take time to sharpen your saw.  We'll be no good to anybody (especially our students) if we are all dull by New Year's.

Weekly Recap
We have another busy week ahead, so please check out the announcements and week ahead sections.

Last week, I was able to see some lessons that were highly creative and engaging - so much so that I didn't want to leave the rooms in order to see what would happen next.  Keep up the great work!  If all the students are paying attention and enjoying what is going on, we are well on our way to equipping them to be learners and contributing members of our society.  Nice job on keeping school a place a learning and a place of fun!  

Parents - don't forget that tomorrow (10/10) is picture day!  

On Thursday, October 19, Connecting Families to Communities and RM Bacon together will be hosting a family game night at the school.  This event is open to all families, so please feel free to join us.  Flyers will be sent home sometime this week.

This year's Fall Frolic will be on Wednesday, October 25th from 6-8 pm (rain date October 26).  Plans are underway for this to be another great frolic.  We will get more information to you as the time approaches.

The Week Ahead
Monday (10/9):  Columbus Day/No School

Tuesday (10/10): C day - Picture Day, LTM meeting at Culver (Mike only)

Wednesday (10/11): D day - Workout Wednesday, progress reports go home, I&RS meeting

Thursday (10/12): E day - A day of learning and fun

Friday (10/13):  A day - School Spirit Day/wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
October 19 - Family Game Night (6-8 pm)
October 25 - Fall Frolic (6-8 pm)
October 26 - Fire Safety day

Pictures from around the School

Mrs. Taylor's class doing Reflex Math

Healthy birthday snacks in Mrs. Gandy's class 
Healthy birthday snacks in Mrs.Gandy's class

That' s a nice birthday spread!

Mr. Coyle's Bear Buddy helping him make the rounds 
Friday Funday with Mrs. Digiogio and Mrs. Mosley

We were photobombed 

Third grade is apparently the place to be

From our assembly...

Addressing the Bears 

Demonstrating seat scooter technique

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2 - 6, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


September is behind us, and summer is officially way back there in the rear view mirror - sorry, summer lovers.  We are entering my favorite time of year, and I'm excited to see what October brings to Bacon.  The Fall Frolic will be taking place later this month, so stay tuned for news there.

October's trait-of-the-month is respect. All month, we'll be touching on various aspects of what this means.  Staff, remember to try to send me your quotes, and don't forget to revisit responsibility throughout the month with your classes.

Everyone have a fally, Octobery week,


Weekly Recap
Our 5th grade classes had their annual "Kids by the Bay" trip to the Port Norris/Bivalve area last week.  They learned a little bit of local history and took in some nature along the way.  Mrs. Muhlbaier, Mrs. Catlett, and Mr. D reported their students behaved excellently.  Great job, students!

On Thursday, we held our first PBIS Pep Rally of the year.  After talking about some school-related business and reviewing our trait of the month for September (perseverance), we got down to business with our minute-to-win-it style game.  Students who received Paws Ups (our "caught being awesome" slips) were entered into a bin and randomly drawn to participate in the game.  The month's challenge was to race across the gym on a seat scooter, grab a bean bag or a ball, and race back and place it in a ring on the ground.  Winners received prizes, and all the other students who participated also got a prize.

Parents, don't forget there is no school on Wednesday due to staff development.  Staff, don't forget there is school for you!

Staff, here are Linda Santiago's dates and times for the guided reading and running records training:
1st - 10/5 at 10:02
2nd - 10/2 during PLC
3rd - 10/5 at 10:44
4th - 10/5 at 11:26
5th - already took place

The Week Ahead
Monday (10/2): D day - lesson plans due

Tuesday (10/3): E day - another great day of fun and learning  

Wednesday (10/4): No School for Students/Staff Professional Development Day

Thursday (10/5): A day - another great day of fun and learning

Friday (10/6):  B day - School Spirit Day/wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)
October 11 - progress reports go home
October 26 - Fire Safety day
October - Fall Frolic (TBD)

Pictures from around the School
It wasn't as easy as it looked

If they rolled out, they didn't count!

Waiting to begin
Waiting for Mr. Coyle to STOP TALKING so he can roll

The floor is set - the players are ready
Lava experiment in Mrs. Gandy's room

Playing with lava - well, actually, flour and food coloring
Thanks you, Mrs. Pruitt, for your years of service

Outside math
Visiting Mrs. Lunemann's room

Visiting Mrs. Lunemann's room

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September 25 - 29, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


While looking online for something to share during the morning announcements (each day we have a quote or an idea that focuses on our trait-of-the-month -- September's trait is perseverance), I came across a blog that talked about placing more value on commitment than motivation.  I think there is a lot of wisdom in this idea.

Motivation is a good thing, but it can be affected.  A tough week could lower your motivation to get up and get back at it the next week.  Failures or mistakes could challenge one's motivation to stay steadfast on the task at hand.  Outside forces or events can attack our motivation.  Feelings can trick us into thinking our motivation isn't worth maintaining.  Don't get me wrong - motivation is important, and it can be a useful and needed catalyst for change.  But motivation can come and go.  When the work gets tough and we don't see the results or the fruit of our labors as quickly as we'd like, our motivation to keep going can suffer.   If we place too much value or faith in our motivation, we are in trouble if it starts to dwindle.  We could lose focus on our purpose, our mission, our calling, our joy - you name it.

Commitment, however, is an inward dedication to remain consistent despite feelings or circumstances.  Commitment says, "Get up," when you've fallen or made a mistake.  Commitment says, "I can do this," when nothing seems to be going right.  Commitment says, "Focus," when you are bombarded by distractions.  Commitment says, "Keep going," when others (or you) say it's not worth it.  Commitment says, "One more step, one more mile, one more day," when part of you is screaming, "QUIT!"   Commitment says, "Remember why this is important," when you start to lose sight of the goals.  We can't always trust our motivation, but if we are committed, we can trust that no matter what we face, we'll stay true to our course and continue to make progress, even if the results are not yet obvious.

Being motivated is great, but being committed is what ultimately gets the desired results that initially inspired your motivation in the first place.

Staying motivated to teach and reach our students is important and admirable, but staying committed means we'll do the work needed to make sure we get done the right things and do them well.

Everyone have a great week!  Be motivated - stay committed.

Weekly Recap
Lots of great things were happening in the classrooms.  I had a number of opportunities to watch our teachers perform as the true professionals they are.  Students are engaged in meaningful learning, and they are having fun while doing it!  

Tuesday was Bacon's Back-to-School night.  We'd like to thank our parents for a wonderful turnout.  Your dedication to your children's success inspires us to work hard and do our best for them!

On Thursday, Linda from the RAC Team spoke at our staff meeting about our Language Arts goal for the year, guided reading and centers, and running records.  The staff will be trained on running records (and other areas as needed) during upcoming PLCs.

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/25): D day - lesson plans due, 2nd grade LA training during PLC

Tuesday (9/26): E day - another great day of fun and learning  

Wednesday (9/27): A day - Workout Wednesday, staff flu shots, 5th grade Kids about the Bay trip

Thursday (9/28): B day - another great day of fun and learning

Friday (9/29):  C day - School Spirit Day/wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
October 4 - Staff development day (no school for students - staff report for PD)
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)
October 11 - progress reports go home
October 26 - Fire Safety day

Pictures from around the School

Birthday Selfies!