Friday, May 11, 2012

May 14 - 18

1st graders are learning about the Life Cycle of a Chicken
 Bacon Bears,
Well, testing is over! (Except for the make-ups) Thank you to Mrs. Nolan and Ms. Spanbauer for their hard work and efficient organizing behind the scenes.

In lieu of the RM Bacon Weekly Video Update, I would like everyone to watch an inspirational video about the Nettlehorst School in Chicago. After watching it, I would then like to know who is ready to help us achieve the impossible? As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

3 little chickens are growing up!

The Nettlehorst School, Chicago, IL. The Parent Brigade

Students- Progress Reports will be sent out this week. 2nd graders will going to Cape May on Friday, May 18 to visit the Zoo!

Staff - We are having a Faculty Meeting on Thursday, May 17th. Our presenter will be Carole Paladino and the topic will be "Blood Born Pathogens." Also on Thursday, we have our Annual Staff Barbecue (Rain date is Friday).
We will also be having our 3rd Tech Friday session this Friday at 8:20 AM in room 2.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Make up Testing
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday- Staff Barbecue
Friday - Tech Friday, 8:20 AM; 2nd grade to Cape May 9:30 AM

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