Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 27 - 31

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

I asked the first question!
Last Thursday, I was selected to participate in a discussion with Governor Chris Christie! I blogged about this experience, so if you are inclined, please visit my personal web site.

It is the last full week of summer vacation. The RM Bacon staff has been extremely busy making last minute preparations to the building.
Since our enrollment numbers have fluctuated, I was faced with a decision - I had to move some teachers around. All letters mailed to students prior to the changes (grades 1-5) may need to be re-mailed. We will make sure to send the new letters ASAP. I will not be making changes to the new class lists. I appreciate your cooperation.

As we think about returning to school, I found this inspirational, and funny video.... Can you fly?

Mrs. Benson's mural: Explore, Discover, Create
Back to School Supplies: The welcome back letter (which you will be receiving shortly) will indicate your child's teacher. If there are specific items your child needs to bring, that information will be enclosed, mailed separately or can be found on their teacher's web site.

My summer project for the teachers and guests

Opening Day (September 6): Last year we had an impromptu assembly in the gym because it was raining. Reflecting on that morning, it was helpful for all of us (parents, teachers, students) to be together for a few moments prior to the school year beginning. We are planning on continuing that tradition this year. All students and parents are invited to enter the building at 8:55 AM and go directly to the gym. Our brief Welcome Back assembly will begin promptly at 9:15 AM. Students will be dismissed by teacher from the assembly to their classroom.

Dr. Cook at padcamp with other NJ educators! 

Staffing Updates: As I stated earlier, our enrollment numbers have forced us to make changes. Here is a list of the most up to date classroom teacher assignments:
Kindergarten - Mrs. Lore, Mrs. Munzenmayer, Ms. Anton
1st Grade - Mrs. Lunemann, Mrs. DeVita, Mrs. Bingham (Mrs. Fallows is Maternity Leave replacement)
2nd Grade - Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Cheeseman, Mrs. Pedrick
3rd Grade - Mrs. Digorgio, Mrs. Benson
4th Grade - Mrs. Sinone (Woodman), Mrs. Gandy, Mr. Drewnowski
5th Grade - Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Muhlbaier, Mr. Hudson

I would like to welcome Mrs. Raudenbush back to RM Bacon. She will be joining our BSI/RTI team.
RM Bacon is Blooming!

Weekly overview: (Office hours 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM this week)
Monday -
Tuesday - New Teacher Orientation
Wednesday - New Teacher Orientation
Thursday - New Teacher Orientation
Friday -

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