Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 12 - 16

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!
Thank you to everyone who attended the Halloween Frolic! A fun time was had by all :)

On Wednesday, we were treated to our first snowfall of the school year! Some classes used this as a teachable moment, and went out in the snow! Besides playing in the snow, kids asked big questions about the snow.

Ms. Fallows's 1st grade class asked themselves...what is snow? Where does it come from? What does it taste like?
After going outside and "collecting" snowflakes, Mrs. DiGorgio's class drew pictures and studied the mirror images of the flakes

We are getting into the life long fitness mode at RM Bacon this week. We are excited to be participating in the World Run Day on Monday at 2:00 PM. All proceeds that are raised will go to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization. The top 10 fundraisers will receive a free T-Shirt! Here is the trailer for the World Run Day:

Also this week is Sneaker Week. If staff donate 5.00 they are allowed to wear sneakers the entire week to show the students that we are a healthy school! For more information, please visit this site:

Weekly Overview:Monday - World Run Day, 2:00 PM
Tuesday - I and RS Meeting, 1- 3:30 PM
Wednesday - Grades are to be posted, Waste Management Assembly K-2 9:30 - 10:15AM, 3-5 10:15 - 11:00 AM
Thursday - Staff Meeting, 8:00 AM with special guest; Book Fair in Library Class; Annual Turkey Feast 11:00 AM
Friday - 1:45 PM Dismissal for Parent Conferences; Book Fair in Library Class

Impossible is Nothing!

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