Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 4 - 8

Bacon Bears,

You Matter! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the SOUPer Bowl. We had a great evening with yummy soup, games, and fun for everyone. Once again, our wonderful Home and School Association put on a great activity for our families! 
Game on! Parents vs. students in team dodgeball

Bacon alumni Hailei Markee stepping in for the principal  at the SOUPer Bowl

I am sure many of the parents were wondering what we were doing on Thursday, January 31. Well, we needed a day to learn together with other teachers and administrators! And of course our BACON teachers a great job presenting :) 
Mrs. Sinone and Mrs. Benson teaching about blogging

Mrs. Simpson teaching about parent engagement 

Mr. Hudson teaching about EnVision Math

Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Digorgio learning about Common Core

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to have more videos about the great things we are doing here. Then, I was sent this video from my birthday.

Our first graders stepped up this week and told me that THEY would do the Bacon Weekly Update. This one is by far the cutest Video Update we have filmed.

Mrs. Sinone and I were the first staff members to use the new Smart TV at Lakeside Middle School. I want to thank JoAnne Colacurcio, Tom Denning and Larry Perry for their help with this opportunity. Mrs. Sinone and I presented on Interstate Collaboration through Web 2.0 tools with Bill Krakower, who was in Atlantic City. We look forward to having more opportunities to use this technology!  
Bill Krakower setting up in Atlantic City 

Mrs. Sinone and Dr. Cook getting set up for the Skype in Millville 

Video, presentation, Skype at the same time 

Weekly Overview:
Monday - Another awesome day at RM Bacon
Tuesday - Another awesome day at RM Bacon
Wednesday - Digital Learning Day, 3rd grade physicals, Report Cards mailed
Thursday - Kindergarten begins swimming program, 2nd Grade CAP program, Staff Meeting rescheduled
Friday - Biggest Loser Weigh-ins 

Remember, Impossible is Nothing! 

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