Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 22 - 26

Bacon Bears

Focusing on Today, Tomorrow and the Future!

We had another awesome week at RM Bacon! As teachers and students continue to grow their learning environment, great things are happening. We had a very successful Back to School Night and those who were in attendance learned about their child's teacher, and some highlights of the school. Dr. Cook will put the presentation on Slide Share this week. Please check back.

This week we have a few cool things going on. On Monday we will be hosting an Anti-Bullying Night for Parents. The students will be taking their Universal Sweeps this week. The results of these assessments help us determine who needs additional help in the classroom or maybe with an Interventionist.

RM Bacon School Turns 85 on Friday! We will be singing Happy Birthday to the school. I am sure some teachers will be doing activities to celebrate the school turning 85... Maybe the younger students will be counting to 85, or some of the older kids could do 85 jumping jacks, or maybe we can compile 85 reasons why we love RM Bacon. The possibilities are endless.

Weekly Overview
Monday - C - Day - Universal Sweeps (K,1,2,4); Anti-Bullying Program for Parents, 6:00 PM
Tuesday - D - Day - Universal Sweeps (K,1,2,4);
Wednesday -E - Day -  Universal Sweeps (K,1,2,4)
Thursday - A Day - Universal Sweeps (K,1,2,4) Flu Shots for Teachers, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM; Grade Level Meetings, SGOs;
Friday - B - Day - Universal Sweeps (K,1,2,4); RM Bacon Turns 85!; RAC Visit, 10:15 AM; PBIS Bear Bucks Meeting and Store to Follow, 1:30 PM

Pictures from around the school
Vianka and Mark doing the voice over for the new Millville United Podcast

Passion in Room 5

Second grade passions! 

Second graders are ready to be Geniuses 

4th graders are putting the genius in Genius Hour! 

Putting the puzzle of Genius together 

Mrs. Sinone's passion puzzle 

But first, let me take an Art Selfie! 

One of our new kindergartners.... Cooper! 

Video of the Week - Team Work!

Have a great week!

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