Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 24 - 28

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on today, tomorrow and the future!

It's Thanksgiving Week! Although we have a shortened week, we have a lot in store and a lot to be thankful for!

RM Bacon is thankful for the school community for all their support! We can not do it without you!

Weekly Overview
Monday - D Day - 10:04 AM, Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; Parent Conferences, 6 - 8 PM
Tuesday - E Day - 9:30 AM, Elks Dictionary Program, 3rd Grade; 10:04 AM Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; Parent Conferences, 6 - 8 PM
Wednesday - A Day - 10:00 AM Students vs. Teachers, Scooterball; 11:30 AM Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; NO PM Latch Key
Thursday - Thanksgiving Day - No School
Friday - No School (RM Bacon will have a float in the Christmas Parade)

Parent/Teacher Tip of the Week:

How do you praise your children? Research indicates that adults should praise the effort, not the outcome. Here is a table that can help:

Do not say…
Do say…
You are so smart!
You work hard and it shows! (Be specific about complementing the specific process and/or effort the child demonstrates)
You are a great athlete.  You could be the next (pick super athlete)!
“Your focus on ______ (batting stance, dribbling, etc.) has really made a positive difference.”
“I noticed that you pay good attention when you are on the field. “
(If admiring another athlete, focus on the effort and/or  attitude shown)
You always get good grades; that makes me happy.
When you put forth effort, it really shows in your grades.  You should be proud of yourself.  We are proud of you!
You are a gifted musician! 
You seem to really enjoy playing the piano.  Keep practicing, and you will see amazing results!
You drawing is wonderful; you are my little artist!
I see that you have been practicing your drawing; what a great improvement!  Tell me about it.
So, the next time you are ready to praise your child, stop and think about how to use that opportunity to foster a growth mindset by celebrating your child’s effort and attitude through the experience – rather than just the final accomplishment. (source: Donald Rheem Elementary School

Pictures from around the school 
Ms Reilly enjoying some turkey leftovers 

Turkey Feast 

Turkey Feast 

Turkey Feast 

The 5 Bear Bucks table: Bacon Gear, Homework Passes, or Bear Buddy

The first Bacon Speaks program! 20 students attended
Video of the Week:
Checkout this TED Talk from Sam Berns titled, "My Philosophy for a Happy Life." Sam, who happens to have Progeria, is a brave young man with an import message for us all.... 

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