Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 15 - 19

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on Today, Tomorrow, and the Future! 

We are only 7 school days away from the Holiday Break! As we prepare another busy week, we must remember there are still 7 school days left until the Holiday Break :) Teachers have plenty in store! 

We are very excited about the Winter Concert on Monday! This will be Ms. Clearwater's first concert with us, and we all know it will be EPIC. In preparation for the concert, the students will have the following schedule on Monday for rehearsal:
9:20-9:50 Student Readers and Student Dancers
10:00-10:50 Band
10:55-12:00 Chorus

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year (Mrs. Bingham) and our Educational Services Provider (Ms. Spanbauer). We want to encourage them to continue on and apply for Cumberland County! 

Mrs. Bingham (left) and Ms. Spanbauer (right) with their Poinsettias 

The Holiday Shop will be opening this week. Be sure to stop by before the Winter Concert or throughout the week.

Parents - Be on the lookout for Progress Reports on Wednesday! 

Pictures from around the school:
Celebrating Flannel Day 

Coats for Kids winners 

5th graders working on Triple Venn Diagrams! 

Small group instruction in 5th grade 

Lottery Day - All of the Staff were winners! 

Getting ready for the Winter Concert 

Dreaming of Summer! 

Video of the Week - Hour of Code with Barack Obama

Also, want to read Dr. Cook and Mrs. Mackall's Hour of Code post that was published by Corwin Connect? Check it out here: From Consuming to Producing: Hour of Code 

Dr. Cook's personal blog, Insights into Learning, is a finalist in the Edublog Award 2014 for Best Administrator Blog. Voting closes on 12/15/14. Cast your vote here  

Mrs. Devita and Mr. Hudson's Blog 3rd Grade Astronauts is a finalist in the Best Class Blog Category. Voting also closes on 12/15/14. Cast your vote here 
Weekly Overview
Monday - B Day - Winter Concert Rehearsals; Holiday Shop, 6:00 PM; Winter Concert, 7:00 PM 
Tuesday - C Day - Holiday Shop
Wednesday - D Day - Holiday Shop; Health School PLC, 1:30 PM
Thursday - E Day - Staff Meeting, 8:00 AM; Holiday Shop; Bacon Speaks, 4:00 PM 
Friday - A Day - Holiday Shop; PBIS PLC and Bear Bucks Store, 1:30 PM

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