Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10 - 14

Bacon Bears,

Last week the district administrators had a series of summer workshops to prepare for the upcoming year. On Monday, we had an excellent workshop on Equity and Diversity by Paul Gorski of the Edchange organization. Personally, I found the workshop very fulfilling. We explored many relevant topics that can improve the climate and culture at RM Bacon. We also spent time reviewing the evaluation process for staff. This workshop, facilitated by representatives from NJPSA, was very helpful. We worked on areas that need improving and celebrated areas of current success.

On Thursday, we had our annual meeting with Dr. Gentile. In this meeting, we spent a considerable amount of time discussing Teaching and Learning (the hallmark of our district). It was refreshing to hear all of the the excellent success stories throughout the district, and to begin planning for more awesomeness this year!

Our building is getting closer and closer to completion. Currently, we have two levels that are about 75% completed. The maintenance crew will be busy preparing the cafeteria level hallway floor this week.

This week I will be presenting to the Regional Achievement Center (RAC) annual Summer Institute. The topic of the presentation is "Connected Leadership." In addition, Mr. Hudson will be presenting at the Summer Institute on innovative technology tools for the classroom.

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