Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 21 - March 25, 2016

This week is a shortened week.  I am sure there will be some exciting Spring activities happening on Thursday!  We will begin our Spring Break on Friday, March 25th.  Please have a safe, and healthy break.  We will see you again on Monday, April 4th.  

Coach’s Corner by Mr. Hudson

This week we had a special visitor for grades 3-5.  For two days Ms. Berry had her brother come to Bacon School and work with our students discussing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).  The students witnessed experiments with Peeps, feathers, and water temperature changes.  What made this special was that Mr. Berry drove all the way from Georgia Tech to be with us and pushed our students thinking.  During his presentation he provided the students with new vocabulary as well as allowed students to hypothesis what would happen with each experiment.  Overall, the students enjoyed themselves and are curious as to what next year will bring.  Mr. Berry is already planning to come back next year.  

The rest of my week was spent working with Mrs. Spanbauer on the upcoming PARCC assessment.  Together we organized the testing equipment, rosters, and prepared for our infrastructure test which will occur this week.  This practice run will allow grades 3-5 to get an idea of how everything will work/look and if any changes need to be made prior to testing.  The teachers have been really supportive of this process and are working extremely hard to prepare all students for this upcoming assessment. 

Pictures from around school

2016 Floor Hockey Champs
Moe's Night


Weekly Overview

Mrs. Harris will be our interim Principal until a replacement is made for Dr. Cook

Monday - E Day - Board Meeting 7:00 pm
Tuesday - A Day - Wild About the Bay - 4th Grade
Wednesday -B Day - Wellness Wednesday, Keepin' It Real - 4th Grade
Thursday - C Day - Kindergarten Swim, March Madness (Hoops for Bacon), HSA Fundraiser Due, BEAR Buck Store Only

SPRING BREAK - March 25 - April 3, 2016

School Resumes April 4th 

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