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June 13 - 17, 2016

Bacon Bears,

This is it - the last blog post you'll read during the 2015-2016 school year.  Sure, there'll be one next weekend, but you'll be officially out of school when it posts!  What a great week we had, and one more great week, albeit short, awaits us. 


While learning was still taking place and our students and staff were doing wonderful things in and out of the classrooms, last week was an opportunity to reward ourselves for a great year.  A number of classes had their field trips, and many students were able to participate in the badminton tournament and Bear Bucks Bonanza later in the week.   

Sunset beach

The 4th grade class visited Sunset Beach in Cape May.  The students were able to relax, take in some surf and sand, check out a few gift shops, and even take in a bit of history.  Just off the shore, and clearly seen from the beach, is the final resting place of the S.S. Atlantus.  For a cool bit of local history about the Atlantus, check out this link and this one.

Looks like they had fun

Our Kindergarten classes and two of our 3rd grade classes made their way to Ocean City for their class trips.  All students had a blast, and they were able to just squeeze in their beach time before a line of gusty storms blew through the area in the afternoon.  Thanks to all the parents who helped chaperone these trips. 

Great Collage, Mrs. Bingham!

Bacon's 1st grade classes also went to the shore, but not to the beach.  Instead, they checked out the Atlantic City aquarium.  The students enjoyed seeing the various aquatic life, and everyone, adults included, who went had a great time.  It was reported by our 1st grade teachers that all students were on their best "Bacon Bears" behavior.  Great job, students!

Students demonstrating our tech at the showcase

On Wednesday afternoon and early evening, our district's technology showcase was held at Silver Run School.  Students and staff represented Bacon at the event, and they were able to demonstrate some of the technology we use in our classrooms.  It was a fantastic gathering of Millville talent - both students and staff alike - to show how technology is being embraced and used to make a difference in our students' learning.  Thank you Bacon staff and students who participated.  You did an great job!

"I got it.  No, you get it.  No, where is it?"

Bacon's elimination-style badminton tournament took place Thursday afternoon.  Several teams competed for the championship, and while a few staff members may have been guilty of some funny business as they tried to gain the upper hand (looking at you, staff who used the EXTRA BIG rackets), it was all in fun.  Students loved seeing their peers try to best the staff (and many did just that), but in the end, a team consisting of teachers and the principal (they probably felt sorry for him because he lost a game earlier in the event) grabbed the top spot.  A big thank you to the Badminton Club for organizing this great event. 

Fun was had by all

Finally, our week ended with a splash.  Our final Bear Bucks Challenge (dubbed the Bear Bucks Bonanza) took place Friday afternoon.  Students were able to turn in their bucks for an opportunity to join in the frenzy of various water games.  The students rotated through stations where they were able to 1) hit the principal with water balloons, 2) participate in a water bucket relay race, and 3) empty big buckets of water with shovels as fast as they could.  All the while, Ms. Berry seemed all too eager to turn the hose on unsuspecting students and even a few staff members.  It was smiles all around from both the students and the staff members, and Ms. Berry and the PBIS team could not have planned a better end-of-the-year event.  Thank you to all the staff who helped pull this together. 

The Week Ahead

We have a short week in front of us.  Monday and Tuesday are full days, and Wednesday is a half-day.  It is also the last day.  We'll be saying, "See you in September," to our K-4 Bears, but we'll also be saying farewell to our 5th grade Bears as they ride off into the summer for the last time.  In September, they'll report to the middle school as the newest members of the Lakeside Lightning where they'll be reunited with Dr. Cook and Mr. Hudson.  Fifth grade class - we wish you all the best!  We know you'll do great at Lakeside, and don't ever forget that the teachers and staff at Bacon will always have your backs.

Speaking of 5th grade...the step up ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments and their future will be on Monday evening at 6 p.m. here at the school.  Feel free to call should you have any questions.  Also, our 5th grade field trip will be on Tuesday.

Pictures from around the school

Sunset Beach and the wreck of the Atlantus

Let's hope they helped him out

A little bit of science and nature on the field trip

A great day
Here comes the rain.  Perfect timing - our students were on their way to the busses as this pic was taken.

Some Bears showing off our tech

Analyzing owl pellets

Analyzing owl pellets

In for a closer look

Owls pellets can be a messy business

Looks like at least a few students were pulling for the staff to win

Mrs. Rohaly approves

The winners

Mr. Lokey isn't laughing at his own teammate, is he?

They look a little too relaxed

We all had fun

Those don't look regulation.  It appears they don't care.

Checking in on lunch

Tech Showcase selfie

Birthday Selfies!!

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: C day - 5th grade stepping up ceremony
Tuesday: D day - 5th grade field trip
Wednesday: E day - Half-day, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

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