Friday, September 1, 2017

September 4 - 8, 2017 -- Welcome Back Edition


As we prepare to embark on another school year, let's take a moment to remember those along the gulf coast and beyond who are living in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  At least 200 school districts have been impacted by the storm.  It's hard to wrap our minds around that, but here's what it means - more than 1 million public school students have been adversely affected and will have their education disrupted in some way by the storm.  Schools in hard-hit areas are still surrounded by water, and school and local officials can't access some buildings to see the extent of the damage.  All told, the storm affected about 20% of public school students in the entire state of Texas - and Texas wasn't the only state impacted.  Those are unbelievable numbers.  Let's keep those who are going through this unimaginably tough time in our thoughts (and we haven't even mentioned the tragic loss of life, towns still underwater, towns without drinking water).  Please consider donating or giving in some way.  We as a school will be looking at what we can do to help the schools and students affected by this tragedy.

Our school year is right around the (weekend) corner.  I can't speak for everyone else, but this summer went by in a flash.  It's already September 1st.  We are only four days away from welcoming back the big bears (our staff) and five days away from welcoming back the little bears (our students).  Make a commitment today - right now - to have this be the best year yet.  To paraphrase Henry Ford, whether you think this will be a great year, a so-so year, a bad year -- you're right.  Your mindset and attitude will predetermine your success.  It doesn't mean there won't be issues to resolve, problems to figure out, and it certainly doesn't mean you won't be challenged (hard work is still hard work).  But like anything else, you will get out of this experience what you put into it.  So...what are you putting into it??  Will you make a decision to be positive, to be productive, to be the best you can be, to be happy?  I read something recently that's easy to brush aside because it seems so obvious and so simple - people work better and are more productive when they are happy.  The author goes on to say that the trick isn't to let circumstances determine your happiness, but to let happiness come from within and determine how you handle circumstances.  Simple stuff we've probably heard over and over.  But are we letting that message sink in?  Make a quality decision right now, no matter what, to be successful, to be happy, to be amazing, and to be the best - not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of everyone around you.

This year, let's collectively re-frame challenges as opportunities, let's re-frame set backs as lessons and learning opportunities, let's re-frame difficulties as times of growth and stretching, let's re-frame the impossible as potential, let's re-frame happiness as a decision and not an outcome, let's re-frame positive thinking as a way of life and not something we force ourselves to do, let's re-frame learning as a privilege and not a chore, let's re-frame success as the standard and not the exception, and let's re-frame our jobs within in the school as noble callings and not simply "where we work."

Let's get ready.  Let's do this.

Enjoy your final weekend before the school year starts.  Staff, we'll see you Tuesday.  Students and families, we'll see you Wednesday.

And remember, we are in this together.  Together, we can achieve greatness.  Together, we can.  Together, we will.

The opening weeks at a glance:
September 5 - Staff first day (sign in at 8:55 am, meeting the library)
September 6 - Students' first day
 - 8:55 - 9:15 - student arrival
 - 9:15 - late bell and morning announcements begin
 - 3:40 - car and bus riders dismissed
 - 3:45 - walkers dismissed
September 19 - Back to School Night at 7 pm
September 21 - Staff meeting in the library at 8 am
October 4 - Staff development day (no school for students)
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)

Pictures from around the school

Ms. Spiels is ready for September
Mrs. Lunemann's Disney themes are always a hit with her 1st graders

Mrs. Bingham is eager to meet her 3rd graders 
A great message to start the year from Mrs. Stowman (formerly Ms. Whilden), Mrs. Markel, and Mrs Pedrick

Will you accept Mrs. Gandy's challenge?
A huge thanks to our custodial team for getting Bacon ready for the school year.  The building looks great. Left to right: Danny, Glenn, Frank, and Ben.  Also, Jake (not pictured)

Kindergarten orientation was a success.  Welcome to our newest and youngest Bacon Bears!

This says it all

Weekly overview
Monday (9/4): - Labor Day, no school

Tuesday (9/5):  Staff first day

Wednesday (9/6): A day - Welcome back, students!

Thursday (9/7): B day - A great second day of school

Friday (9/8):  C day - Welcome back assembly (times and grades to be covered on staff first day)

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