Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 5 - 9, 2018


Are you watching the big game?  For those pulling for the Birds, we hope you have a great weekend.  For those cheering on the Pats, we hope you have a terrible weekend (kidding, sort of).  For those watching just for the commercials, we hope they don't disappoint.  For those not interested at all, sorry to have bored you with this opening paragraph.  Let's get down to business...

At this week's staff meeting, we focused on mindfulness as a way to help our students deal with social and emotional obstacles to learning.  The impacts of this aspect of positive psychology have been making their way into schools as educators find more ways to help students process and handle the stress that comes with being a learner in the 21st century.  Regardless if one is into the meditation background of mindfulness, it can still be a beneficial approach to help students sort through difficult emotions, teach them how to control outbursts, and guide them into clearer and more focused thinking.

My big takeaway from this training was an image the presenter showed of a brain scan comparing a healthy brain and one that's been damaged through abuse, neglect, or other factors that hurt emotional and social development.  The parts of the brain that help people process emotions and social interaction didn't "work" correctly, and that in turn can have a dramatic effect on learning.  The social, emotional, and learning centers of the brain play off each other.  When the brain's development has been stunted in these areas, it cannot process information the way it should, and learning is impacted.  Mindfulness training has been shown to reverse these damages.  The parts of the brain that aren't working correctly can be retrained and restored through consistently using simple techniques that help that individual cope with outside stresses and internal turmoil.  The result is that the brain is better equipped to handle information and learning.

That's the short version, and I probably haven't done a great job of covering it even at a surface level.  This is something I'm just getting more into myself.  The bottom line is this - there is more to preparing students for learning than what we think of as traditional schoolwork.   Part of the equipping we need to do should be based on social and emotional health.  Good teachers intuitively know this, but with the research proving this to be so, it should serve as a reinforcement that school is more than academic assignments and grades.

It's not too late to order Carnation Grams.  They are $2 each.  Return the order form and money to Mrs. Lore as soon as possible.  They will be delivered on 2/14.

Signup slips for this year's floor hockey season are in front of Mrs. Bingham's room (15).  They are due by 2/11,  and the season kicks off on 2/16.  All games will be played before school.

Welcome to Moe's!  Moe's will be having a Bacon FUNdraiser on 2/15 from 4 - 10pm.  You don't need to bring anything - just show up and order!

And after your delicious dinner at Moe's, join us at the Lakeside Middle School cafeteria for Millville Public School's final strategic planning session.  You do not need to have attended the other sessions to come out. This event is open to all parents, staff members, community members, local business leaders, and 4th and 5th grade students.  See below for details.

Everyone have a great week!

The Week Ahead
Monday (2/5):  C day - Wear Eagles green if they win (to celebrate) or lose (to mourn the loss and show support for a great season), lesson plans due, board meeting to recognize teacher and educational services provider of the year (7 pm at Culver Center)

Tuesday (2/6): D day - A great day of fun and learning

Wednesday (2/7): E day - Cat in the Hat visit, Workout Wednesday, report cards go home

Thursday (2/8):  A day - A great day of fun and learning

Friday (2/9):  B day - Wear Bacon Gear

Upcoming Dates
2/14 - Wear pink and red for Valentine's Day
2/15 - Moe's fundraiser
2/15 - MPS final strategic planning meeting
2/16 - Jump Rope for Heart
2/16 - Chinese New Year Parade 
2/16 - Floor Hockey Begins (3rd - 5th grade)
2/19 - Schools closed in observance of President's Day
2/23 - Wear boot day (to stomp out bullying!)

Bacon Pics

Mrs. Rohaly and some 1st graders preparing for the Chinese New Year parade

Mrs. Lunemanns' class checking out a hornet's nest - an old, empty nest! 

The nest was impressive up close (before "dissection")

Math sports in Mrs. DeVita's class

Math sports in Mrs. DeVita's class
Math sports in Mrs. DeVita's class

Math sports in Mrs. DeVita's class
Mrs. Rohaly doing an Arts Infused lesson in Mrs. DeVita's class

Cooper is excited for Sunday

Bacon staff getting ready for the weekend 
...on the road to victory

STEM snowflake project in Mrs. Muhlbaier's class 
Snowflake project

Snowflake project

Birthday Selfies

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