Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 17 - 21

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

We had a very successful Back To School Night. Parents and families were able to participate in the journey we are taking here at RM Bacon. At the beginning of the evening, we showed this new trailer:

After the trailer we discussed how much the NJASK assessment scores have improved, and how the teachers and students will be working together to achieve higher this school year. We also reviewed our discipline data from the past two years, and parents we able to see how our discipline referrals are declining.

The teachers did a fantastic job of communicating to the parents their expectations for the school year. Parents were able to see some of the projects, and technology that the students are using in class.
Mrs. Benson and Mrs. DiGiorgio
Mr. Drewnowski
Mrs. Fallows's classroom
Mrs. Gandy
Mrs. Lunemann

We have another exciting week planned. We will be having an Assembly for students on Wednesday to review the expectations for students during the school year.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Dr. Cook will be out of the office (Mrs. Harris substituting)
Tuesday - Wellness meeting 10:00AM
Wednesday - Assembly
Thursday - 8:00 AM Staff Meeting
Friday - Dr. Cook 1/2 day out of the office (Mrs. Harris substituting)

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  1. Great Job boss, way to fire up everybody to get on board. KIDS FIRST-THEN NOW ALWAYS