Saturday, September 29, 2012

October 1 - 5 (Wellness Week)

You Matter!

Received this picture via twitter this morning. Fitting!
If you are reading this blog, then you are at the right place for information regarding RM Bacon Elementary, a school where impossible is nothing!

Wellness Week October 1 - 5

In preparation for Wellness Week, our guidance counselor Ms. Spanbauer, along with our PBIS aide, Ms. McCloone worked with some 5th grade students on an interesting video about the Bacon Bully Buster:
Join in the fun as we show our commitment to “Wellness”. So dig through your closet and get out the “colors of the day” to represent Wellness all the WAY!

Mellow Yellow-Monday
Spread KINDNESS and CALM, just stay MELLOW by wearing yellow
Spread Red - Tuesday
Get the word spread, by wearing red. NO DRUGS FOR ME!
True Blue-
Dress in blue, to represent a FRIEND who is TRUE
Clean & Green
Keep the world CLEAN, show support by wearing green
Back Black
Dress in Black because you won’t stand BACK when someone is getting bullied!


October 2012 – Is jokingly being named the Assembly Month. We have 4  assemblies scheduled, and I apologize in advance for the interruptions to school day, but we need to participate in these events for our students. Here is the schedule for our assemblies this month.
October 1 - Autism Awareness Assembly; 2:30 PM (whole school)
October 2 - Steered Straight Assembly; 2:00 PM (k-2) 2:45 PM (3-5)
October 10 - Youth Alliance Assembly; 2:00 PM
October 25 - More Power For You Assembly; 2:00 PM (K-5)

Grade Level Meeting – Next GLM is scheduled for Thursday, October 4…..BUT….. we are trying something new… Celese put the results of your sweep in your mailbox. Please review this prior to the meeting, and when you show up, you will have attended your first “flipped” meeting. Kind of crazy right? So, what will we discuss at GLM? That is up to you J

Staff Meeting – We will be starting our CITWS 2.0 series on Thursday October 4. PAL will be sent prior to the meeting. Theme will be centered on Generating and Testing Hypothesis.
New Staff Members – We have been very busy interviewing to fill our open positions. Here is a list (and start dates) for our new staff members. Welcome!  
-          Megan Finney (second or 3rd week of October) will be our new librarian 
-          Ashley Gaughan (already started) will be the new Part Time Aide in Mrs. Devita’s room
-          Susan Leahy (October 9) will be the new Part Time Aide in Mrs. Taylor’s room

Weekly Schedule
Monday - Autism Awareness Assembly
Tuesday - Steered Straight Assembly
Wednesday -
Thursday - Staff Meeting 8:00 AM; Grade Level Meetings
Friday - Bus Evacuation Drill

Impossible is Nothing!

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