Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 15 - 19

Bacon Bears,
You Matter!

Did you know that RM Bacon Elementary has a Facebook page? Yes, in addition to twitter, and the blog, we are on Facebook. At the time of this blog we had 65 likes. Once we get to 100 likes, the students will get a special celebration (RM Bacon Facebook page link) 

We are looking for candidates for our first (in a while) Talent Show.... Don't think you have talent? Check this out video, and you might just have a shot at being selected!

Last week we hosted former Harlem Globetrotter Seth Franco.

Seth entertained the students and staff, but it was his message that had everyone excited. Seth talked about how we need to connect with students and adults, talk about our problems, and work hard to overcome!

Seth enjoyed his time at RM Bacon. He signed a ball for us to display in the front office. He said this of our students, "They were great. I loved how they participated, and participated. Thanks to everyone on staff for their help in making this event a success!"

This week is busy for Dr. Cook. He will be presenting on all of the tremendous things going on at RM Bacon. First, on Saturday he will be presenting with our Club 21 coordinator Ms. Discepola on Going Global. They recruited Mrs. Sutton and some willing students to help build interest for the conference.

Then on Sunday, Dr. Cook will be traveling to Dallas, TX to present at Texas ASCD  Annual Conference with Principal Tra Hall (from Texas) on the importance of being connected through Social Media. Dr. Cook will be in Dallas until Tuesday.

On Thursday, Dr. Cook and Mrs. Simpson will be traveling to Knapp Elementary School to learn about their parent and community engagement programs.

On Friday, the summer trek team will be working together on the upcoming professional development schedule for the school.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook
Tuesday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook
Wednesday - Part Time Aide workshop, 9:30 Am - 11:00 AM
Thursday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook - Staff Meeting Canceled
Friday - Summer Trek team meeting

Impossible is Nothing!

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