Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 8 - 12

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

Wear Blue for School Pride!
We are into our second full week of Monstober, uh, I mean October. I must be watching too much Disney with my kids. I will say, however, that RM Bacon is a Scary Good Elementary School :)
We had a very successful Wellness Week! I want to thank you to the committee that made the week a success: Ms. Spanbauer, Ms. Peck, Ms. McLoone, and Mrs. Simpson!

There were some really cool things going on throughout the school this week. In the Cave, Coach Bramble and Coach have commenced the 2012-13 quest for the Presidential Fitness Awards. Enjoy this video explaining the program:

As I observed teachers this week, I saw so many important activities. There are so many teachers who are ensuring that the children are exposed to 21st Century LEARNING! Here are some of the pictures I took to highlight the hard work that the teachers and kids are engaging in.
Anthony met with Mayor Shannon, and presented his idea for a skate park
Mrs. Gandy's class tweeted the Governor as they worked on a Prezi

Mrs. Sinone's students working on the SMART board

This week we have our first 3 day weekend.... No school on Monday!

Here is the Weekly Schedule:
Monday - Off
Tuesday - I and RS meeting, 1:00 PM; Administrator's Meeting, 1:00 PM
Wednesday - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Cape May; Youth Alliance Assembly, 2:00 PM
Thursday -
Friday -

Impossible is Nothing!

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