Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 9-13

Bacon Bears,

Keys to Character Unlock the Future!

Try It Tuesday in the Cafeteria 
This week is a very special week... Dr. Cook will be in China! He is going to visit 4 different schools and Jilin University. In addition, he will be visiting landmarks such as the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, and the Olympic Village. An important note, there is no cost to the school district for this trip!

RM Bacon will be in good hands while he is gone as Mrs. Harris and Mr. Sheppard will be filling in as Principals.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Healthy Snack... Voting ends on November 23.

Home School Association (HSA) Fundraising Cheesecake sale is going on through December.

Teachers - Be sure to check on the Benchmarks and Writing Portfolios that are due this week.

Weekly Overview
Monday - D Day - Volley Throw, Game 2, 8:15 AM;
Tuesday - E Day - Volley Throw, Game 3, 8:15 AM;
Wednesday - A Day - Dental Program, 9AM - 12 PM; 2nd Marking Period Begins; Veterans Day
Thursday - B Day -
Friday - C Day - RTI PLC, Culver, 1-3:30 PM

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