Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 16 - 20

Bacon Bears,

Keys to Character Unlock The Future!

We had a lot of exciting activities last week (and right before the NJEA Convention). On November 4 we participated in our first Color Run and Project Brush from November 11. A great time was had by all!

This week we have a few awesome activities on the list. On Tuesday, we will be interviewing for our 3rd grade teaching position. We will be doing things a little different with this position. The first round will be questions and answers with the committee and the second round will be a demonstration lesson with kids.

On Wednesday, we will be hosting our annual Turkey Feast for the students. Also on Wednesday, the first marking period report cards will be sent home. This Friday will be our first Early Dismissal as we begin our Parent Conferences!

The Annual Scholastic Book Fair kicks off on Friday. Students will be able to go to the Book Fair during Library time. Parents will have access to the Book Fair during the Parent Conferences.

Mrs. Gandy's 4th graders sent a few submissions for the Bacon Weekly. Take a few moments to read their posts about recent school events:

The Recycling Assembly by Isabel Martinez
Two weeks ago we had the recycling assembly. The recycling assembly taught us what to recycle and where to put it. It had magic tricks to make it fun. It also had magic trick so you’re having fun even though you’re learning. There were supplies to show you what to recycle and where to put it. The supplies were card board, pizza stained card board, jar of peanut butter and jar of jelly.

I learned that you cannot recycle the pizza stained box.  If you can’t recycle it, you can throw it in the trash. The card board box you can recycle. The peanut butter jar you can recycle because it’s plastic. The jar of jelly you can recycle because it’s plastic too. You put all the stuff that you’re recycling in the recycle bin. You don’t throw it on the ground. Make sure to keep our community clean.

The Color Run! by Ayeshonna Floyd
The Color Run was to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. The Color Run had some dried paint to throw when people ran by. It also had healthy snacks like oranges for the people that were there. It was located right here in Bacon School and it only cost $2 with a permission slip. If you didn’t wear a white shirt you couldn’t participate. The people who didn’t participate sat on the bench to cheer for friends and family. Some teachers participated and volunteered. The Color Run was very fun!

Recycling magic/ Puppet show by Joseph Camp 
Last week a man named Bill came to our school to do a recycling/magic show. There was a puppet raccoon that was really funny. The puppet did the whip and it was so funny. A few students volunteered to be in the magic show. After every trick he would tell us to say “DO THE RIGHT THING BILL.” Bill would say, “what’s the right thing?” and we would say, “RECYCLE.” Bill also had a snake that he thought was a puppy. He also switched peanut butter with jelly. It was amazing! The whole time my jaw was dropped. When I saw assembly on the agenda I didn’t know what it was about. When it was over I wanted to see more. It was truly awesome.

Pictures from around the school
Project Brush

Project Brush 

Project Brush 

Project Brush 

Video of the Week - Kid President Speaks from the Heart 

Weekly Overview
Monday - D Day - Volley Throw game 4, 8:15 AM
Tuesday - E Day - Volley Throw game 5; 8:15 AM
Wednesday - A Day - Turkey Feast; Report Cards Distributed
Thursday - B Day - Staff Meeting, Genius Hour, Sign in office, 8:00 AM
Friday - C Day - Early Dismissal, 1:40 PM; Parent Conferences, 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM; Book Fair

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