Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 28 - December 2, 2016


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It's hard to believe that December begins on Thursday!  Wow - pardon the cliche, but this year is really flying by.

Last week, we welcomed our parents for two nights of parent-teacher conferences.  I'd like to thank the parents that showed up, the staff for being accessible and open to our parents, and our custodial staff for working around all of us during those two important nights.  The book store was open, and we even got to introduce Ms. Jordan Hess to her students' parents. I'd also like to thank the parents who took a few minutes to fill out the parent survey.  We appreciate your feedback!

Our half-day on Wednesday went smoothly, and it was a nice sendoff to our staff and students heading into the four day weekend.  Again, I trust that in whatever way you celebrated the holiday, it was a time of relaxation, catching up with family and friends, reflection, and thankfulness.

We've got a lot going on this week.  Our PBIS Pep Rally is on Tuesday, and we'll be celebrating the students' 1st marking period accomplishments.  Also, the Bear Bucks store will be open for business, and I'm certain our students will be ready to spend their well-earned bucks.  Finally, we have a little surprise for those students who received a PAWS UP during the month of November!

We have a SIP team meeting on Wednesday morning (please note - it's on a Wednesday this month due to the holiday), and we have a staff meeting on Thursday morning.

Important info on the Yankee Candle Sale (and spread the word!)

That's all for now.  Everyone have a great week at RM Bacon Elementary School...where's it always a great day to be a BACON BEAR!!

Pictures from around the School

Friends in Mrs. Lunemann's class

Nurse Pruett saying, "See you Monday!"

Mrs. Digiorgio's class heading out to recess

What is Ms. Spiels up to?

Having fun in gym

Two friends from Mrs. Gandy's class getting lost in the leaves 
Being focused in Mrs. Gandy's class

Working on a newspaper article

Using tech and working hard

Do not disturb!  These guys are in the zone!

She always has a smile and a hug for Mr. Coyle

Helping Mr. Lokey secure the front of the building

Getting it done in Mrs. Pedrick's room 
Bingham's busy bees

Ms. Miletta receiving her book on marriage tips written by the students
Getting a visit from a former Bear

Birthday Selifes!

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar)
Monday (11/28): C day - lesson plans due 

Tuesday (11/29): D day - PBIS Respect the 29th Pep Rally and Bear Bucks store (9:30 - 10:30 in the gym)

Wednesday (11/30): E day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), SIP meeting (8 am in the library), Workout Wednesday 

Thursday (12/1): A  day - Staff meeting (8 am in the library), SAM coach visit (1:30)

Friday (12/2): B day - Coats for kids


  1. Another fine edition! I always enjoy seeing these.

  2. Another fine edition! I always enjoy seeing these.

  3. What is coats for kids and is bacon doing box tops this year

    1. Yes, Bacon is collecting Box Tops this year. You can send them in a baggie or envelope, or attach them to the collection sheets if you have one. Thanks for asking! (From Miss Ford)

  4. Replies
    1. It is an annual event sponsored by the New Jersey Motorsports Park in order to provide winter coats for children around Cumberland County.

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