Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 7 - 11, 2016


Can you believe it's already November?  The first marking period is almost in our rear-view mirror, and we are rolling along quickly to the holiday season.  Wow!  Time is flying, but students are learning and good things are happening.

Our annual Halloween parade was Monday (see below for the pictures).  The students looked the part, and even some staff members were festively dressed for the occasion.  After the parade, the students returned to class for their time-honored Halloween parties.  Not to fear - instead of getting our Bears sugared up, healthy snacks were given, and I was impressed at how much the students were enjoying eating the good stuff. 

On Wednesday, Pat and Cassy from the RAC team stopped by to check in on our school-wide goals.  Overall, they were impressed with what we've been able to do this year in terms of discipline and attendance, and we brainstormed on ways to keep the trends going.  Discipline referrals, both majors and minors, were once again way down this month, and our year-to-date discipline data shows we've cut majors and minors by over 70% compared to this time last year.  Also, our chronic absenteeism rate is just below 10%.  Our goal for the year is 8%, and for us to be below 10% this time of the year is a huge accomplishment.  A big shoutout to the students, staff, and parents who helped make all this possible.  Way to go, Bacon family!

Speaking of the RAC, Linda (the early literacy specialist from the RAC team), joined us at our staff meeting on Thursday morning to review some ways to help our students achieve our reading goals and increase our students' reading levels.  Linda presented good information that will no doubt prove useful as we continue to strive for improvement within our teaching.  

Also this week, I was able to attend most of the grade-level PLCs.  During those times, I reviewed the walkthrough process,  and I revisited our Classroom Instruction that Works (CITW) methodologies and the importance of striving for the higher levels of Blooms taxonomy within the lessons.  Refreshing and reinvigorating CITW is something we'll spend time doing this year, and the PLCs and breakout sessions during some of the staff meetings are a few of the ways we'll be doing this.  Great stuff is already happening in the classrooms, and I'm proud to be part of a team and school family that puts energy and care into the social, behavioral, and academic needs of our students. 

That's it from me.  Everyone have a great week.  Keep being great.

Mike, Principal RM Bacon Elementary
"Together, we can.  Together, we will."

PBIS Update from Ms. Berry

Recently, a parent came into the building to pick their child up for an early dismissal.  The parent was informed that their child was still having difficulties following one of our school rules.  The parent talked about difficulties she was seeing at home, and the two agreed to work together to help the student.  When the student arrived, two staff members talked with the student about the rule that was not followed and explained the reasons why it was important to follow all our expectations in order to keep them safe.  The parent watched the conversation, and when it was over, they commented about how polite the staff members were even though they were "disciplining" the student.  

What a great compliment!  I truly believe that this is one reason our discipline is down this year.  Keep up the good work!

Important announcement regarding the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

Pictures from around the School

Winner of the scroll contest in Mrs. Bingham's class

Flashlight Friday in Mrs. Muhlbaier's class 
Flashlight Friday in Mrs. Muhlbaier's class 
Flashlight Friday in Mrs. Muhlbaier's class
Cooking with Ms. Candy

Cooking with Ms. Candy

Club 21 - watch out for the "lasers!" (do you see them?)

Congratulations, Ms. Miletta (soon to be Mrs. Gandy)!

Halloween Fun! 

Looks like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf finally put their differences behind them(unless it was a set up???)

Pretty sure they are up to something


Poor Nemo

Healthy Halloween snacks

Creepy but good


Halloween selfie

Not okay

Wow - what a mask! 

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

If you knew Mr. Coyle, you'd know why this wasn't funny (ok, it was little funny)

Birthday Selfies!

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar)
Monday (11/7): B day - lesson plans due

Tuesday (11/8): C day - PBIS Tier Two meeting (10:44 am in the conference room)  Leadership Team meeting (2pm at Culver), Election Day!

Wednesday (11/9): D day - Workout Wednesday, Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), PBIS Events Planning Committee meeting (8 am in the library, voluntary and open to all), wear Bacon or workout gear!

Thursday (11/10): No School - NJEA convention

Friday (11/11): No School - NJEA convention

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