Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 8 - 12, 2017


Another week is in the books.  May is a busy time of year, and I'd like to thank the entire Bacon staff for keeping the pace, staying focused, and always remembering that everything we do is 100% entirely about the students.  

First, I'd like to thank the entire Bacon staff for a smooth week of PARCC testing.  Thanks to the teachers directly involved in the test for all your hard work, and thanks to the teachers not directly involved for your flexibility and patience.  We made it through the week!  We aren't quite done just yet, but the bulk of the testing is now behind us.  I'd like to extend an extra thanks to Amy Spanbauer, our testing coordinator, and Amanda DeVita, our back-up coordinator, for planning and administering the test and for getting done the million details nobody ever sees when it comes to pulling off a test such as the PARCC.

Our attendance initiative, headed by Kim Berry (PBIS aide), saw many students recognized during the 3rd marking period (see pic above).  Students who qualified (by being in school and on-time during the 3rd marking period) were entered into a drawing for a VR goggle headset.  We will have another drawing for the 4th marking period, so students, keep coming to school and keep being on time!

Bacon's Spring Community Night is fast approaching.  The event will be on 5/22 from 6-8 pm.  The fall event was such a success that we couldn't let the fun end there.  There will be businesses and representatives from the community, fun and games, members of the police and fire departments will be on hand, and more.  Come out for a great evening with the extended Bacon family.  We hope to see you.  The rain date will be 5/23.

Kudos to all the staff members this week, in particular the 3rd - 5th grades, that kept our Bears engaged and learning after testing was over each day.  Who says learning can't be fun?  It was a great way for the students to unwind and decompress after the test while still giving them something useful and productive to do.  During the week, science projects were taking place outside, STEM style lessons were being done, the band and choir continued preparing for the concert, and other fun things were happening in the classrooms.  Great job to the staff for striking the right balance of engagement and fun while not sacrificing learning during this time.

Once again, here are some upcoming important dates:

5/15 -- Spring Concert and Art Showcase at the Levoy Theater (3rd - 5th grades, concert begins at 7, the art showcase is TBD - both at the Levoy)
5/22 -- Bacon Community Night (rain date 5/23)
5/26 -- Olympic Day (4th and 5th grades) and Fun Day (K-3)
5/31 -- Multicultural Week - Bacon's day (5th grade) 
5/31 -- Lego Land trip (3rd grade)
6/1 - 6/2 -- Safety Patrol trip
6/1 -- Atlantic City Aquarium (1st grade)
6/6 -- Lakeside Orientation (5th grade)
6/7 -- Ocean City (K)
6/8 -- Band trip to Lakeside
6/9 -- Cape May (4th grade)
6/9 -- Phenom Factory (5th grade) 
6/16 - Last day of school (and graduation at the senior high school)

Teacher appreciation day is 5/9.  We have a few fun things and surprises in store throughout the week.  And so, in honor of teachers (and all who work with our Bears in any capacity), I leave you with this:

"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist...Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit."  -- John Steinbeck

Everyone have a great week.

Pictures from around the School

Congrats to our April students of the month!

Amanda DeVita and Nancy Gandy presenting their capstone project at Stockton.  Congrats on (almost) receiving your Masters in Instruction Technology!

Stopping by Mr. Lokey's desk for a quick visit and smile

All South Jersey Elementary Band
Congrats to Aryanna Bunton, Charlene Walker, and Isabel Martinez for performing in the All South Jersey Elementary Band Festival.  Great job!

Thank you, Mrs. Rohaly, for your hard work with these fine musicians. 

Team Bacon at the MS walk in OC
Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to Nancy Gandy for organizing our Bears

Birthday Selfies

Weekly overview
Monday (5/8): B day - Lesson plans due

Tuesday (5/9): C day - I&RS, PBIS Tier Two meeting (10:44-11:24 in the conference room), Leadership team meeting (1:00 at Culver), Teacher Appreciation Day

Wednesday (5/10): D day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday, K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs

Thursday (5/11): E day -PBIS events planning committee,  4th grade PLC

Friday (5/12):  A day - 1st and 3rd grade PLC, wear Bacon gear

**Looking ahead
5/15 - Art Show and Spring Concert at the Levoy (concert begins at 7, art show is TBD)
5/22 - Community Night (rain day 5/23)

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