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May 15 - 19, 2017


Happy Mother's day!  We hope all you moms did something nice - or more specifically, we hope something nice was done for you.  Moms - you rock!  Thank you for simply being who you are, and there's nothing simple about what you do.  We appreciate you!

Congrats to Nancy Gandy and Amanda DeVita on receiving their MAIT (Masters of Instructional Technology) from Stockton University.  See below for a few graduation pics.  Well done!  You've both worked hard and earned it.

Members from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Deparment, Millville Rescue Squad,  Millville Police Department, and Millville Fire Deparment were at Bacon on Friday for our annual First Responder's lunch.  The students loved hanging out with them, and it was a great way for us to say thank you to the hard-working men and women who keep us safe. Thanks to all the responders who came out.  We appreciate your time and service, and the students had a blast.    

Something very cool and unexpected happened at Bacon last week.  Mrs. Fryling's husband, who had been deployed for several months, was due to come home awhile ago, but he was delayed. No return date had been given.  Much to our surprise and delight, he called the school Friday morning and told us he was about 45 minutes away, and he wanted to know if he could simply pop into her classroom to surprise her.  We said no, that would not be okay, because we wanted the whole school to be able to witness this special moment.  So staff members acted and quickly whipped up a plan in the time we had.  We called an evacuation drill (monthly emergency drills are required by the state anyway, so we thought we'd make the most out of it).   With all the students watching, Mr. Fryling, being escorted by Mr. Paul Lokey and some awesome members of the Millville Fire Deparment (who readily agreed to help out), marched across the field to his unsuspecting wife.  When Mrs. Fryling realized what was happening - well, priceless.  The video is posted on Bacon's Facebook page (click here to check it out).  What a great moment!  Mr. Fryling, thank you for your service, and welcome home.

Monday, 5/15, is the Art Show and Spring Concert at Millville's Levoy theater.  The art show begins at 6:30, and the concert is at 7.  If you have any questions about this event (or any event, for that matter), please call the school.

Here are some important dates:

5/15 - 5/19 -- Bacon's Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
5/15 -- Spring Concert and Art Showcase at the Levoy Theater (3rd - 5th grades, concert begins at 7, the art showcase is at 6:30 - both at the Levoy)
5/22 -- Bacon Community Night (rain date 5/23)
5/26 -- Olympic Day (4th and 5th grades) and Fun Day (K-3)
5/31 -- Multicultural Week - Bacon's day (5th grade) 
5/31 -- Lego Land trip (3rd grade)
6/1 - 6/2 -- Safety Patrol trip
6/1 -- Atlantic City Aquarium (1st grade)
6/6 -- Lakeside Orientation (5th grade)
6/7 -- Ocean City (K)
6/8 -- Band trip to Lakeside
6/9 -- Cape May (4th grade)
6/9 -- Phenom Factory (5th grade) 
6/16 - Last day of school (and graduation at the senior high school)

We'll end with this -- With PARCC testing officially behind us, Bacon will be celebrating teachers and all staff members this week.  We'll do a little something special each day.  To all members of our Bacon staff - you have my heartfelt and sincerest thanks and gratitude for what you do each day.  We don't have easy jobs, and we don't do it for the recognition.  We do it because we know we have to - not out of obligation, but out of a moral responsibility rooted in love and care for the young people we influence each day.  And that's what we really do - influence.  All the talk about making a difference and making an impact...that's all very true.  But I believe it ultimately boils down to influence.  How will you influence those in your care?  How will you influence - today, tomorrow, next week - those who look up to you, who need you, who depend on you to do what only you can?

So keep on influencing, and keep on being great.        

Pictures from around the School

Isabel Martinez representing Bacon at Millville's Youth Commission Night.  She was awesome!

All elementary schools being represented

Isabel in action
Receiving her plaque for a job well done

The Bacon school store is open for business
Mrs. Klaudi and Mrs. Cheeseman twinning

Mrs. DeVita and Mrs. Fryling at Millville's Tech Showcase

Congrats, grads

When realization hit Mrs. Fryling


Welcome home, sir 

Mission accomplished

Birthday Selfies

Weekly overview
Monday (5/15): B day - Lesson plans due, Art Show (6:30 at the Levoy), Spring Concert (7:00 at the Levoy)

Tuesday (5/16): C day - a great day a Bacon

Wednesday (5/17): D day - K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs

Thursday (5/18): E day - Staff meeting (8 am in the library), 4th grade PLC, 6th grade administrative visit to Bacon (10:30)

Friday (5/19):  A day - 1st and 3rd grade PLC, wear Bacon gear

**Looking ahead
5/22 - Community Night (rain day 5/23)

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