Friday, March 23, 2012

March 26 - 30

Bacon Bears,
Spring has Sprung! We have had birds chirping and the sun shining around RM Bacon. With all of the weather changes, there have also been a lot of changes with our students. I am really disappointed with the choices some of our students have been making. We have seen an increase in problems around the building. We have high expectations for our students and we value being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and RESPECTFUL because we are Bacon Bears.

Here is the RM Bacon Weekly Video directed and produced by Mrs. DeVita

Our staff spotlight this week is on Ms. Riley.

1st Place – Mr. Hudson - $389.42
2nd Place – Mr. Drewnowski - $299.44
3rd Place – Mrs. Woodman - $270.08
4th Place – Mrs. Benson - $264.16
5th Place – Mrs. Muhlbaier - $212.86

Thank you everyone for encouraging our students to make donations for this wonderful cause and for any donations you made yourself. We were very successful in raising $2,530.85 which is OUTSTANDING!!!

Weekly Overview

Monday - Lorax Trip, K-3; 4th Grade Tae Kwon Do; Dr. Cook will be at ASCD, Mrs. Harris substituting

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday - Dr. Barto visiting; PTA Movie Night, 6:00PM

Friday - PBIS Committee Meeting, 1 PM,; Bear Bucks Store, 3:00 PM; Millville Police vs. Students Floor Hockey Game, 3:45 PM; Dr. Cook will be at PEG Academy, Mrs. Harris substituting

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