Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 30 - October 4

 Bacon Bears,

It's all about Respect...

This past week we were very busy. Our Basic Skills Interventionists were "sweeping" the building. Well, they were not using brooms, but rather assessments on students to determine their needs. Based on this data, the BSI will work with Dr. Cook to develop a schedule to help assist students who need a little extra help. 

On Thursday, the Bacon Bears participated in Jam World Record Day. Although the students only needed to "jam" for a minute, we took the opportunity to have students jam for about 20 minutes. A fun time was had by all!

This week will be having two new staff members join our team. In first grade, Ashley Souders will become the part time assistant to Mrs. Bingham. Our new librarian, Linda Alianiello will be starting on Tuesday! We are excited to welcome both Ms. Souders and Ms. Alianiello to our family! 

Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We are encouraging everyone to wear pink on Fridays!

Pictures from around RM Bacon (or at Dr. Cook's house)

Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Muhlbaier and Ms. Bieri organized the Jam World Record
3rd grader Lucas won a skateboarding session with Dr. Cook for his good behavior 

Even my dog Emma love RM Bacon! 

There are several staff who look like our students.... Mrs. Nolan and Juliana are "twinning" the competition

When Mrs. Bingham's students follow our rules, they get to spend time with Rookie

Weekly Overview
Monday - Another Respectful day at RM Bacon 
Tuesday - BSI will begin
Wednesday - Fire Prevention; 5th Grade visits Bayshore 
Thursday - Fire Prevention; Home and School Association Meeting, 4:00 PM
Friday - Third grade visits Cape May Lighthouse Wear Pink Each Friday for Breast Cancer Awareness 

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 23-27

Bacon Bears,

It's all about respect!

Thanks to all of the parents who attended Back to School Night. We were so impressed with the turn out and we even had the infamous Sadia in the audience!

I was so excited as I walked around the school on Friday afternoon. There were so many awesome lessons, kids engaged in learning and others blowing off steam out in the sunshine! We truly have a learner-centered school. Here are some pictures I took on my walk about.
Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Peterson have a web of online learning opportunities 

Kindergartners playing with legos

Our kickoff assembly for the Fundraisers through Home and School Association

Mrs. Taylor couldn't find one of her students... but she was right behind her! 

3rd graders in Mrs. Benson's class working on a project 

Mrs. Gandy's class signing up for Edmodo! 

Mrs. Banker and Ms. Anton showed their students Hermit Crabs 

As we look to the upcoming week, it will be clear that the school year is in full gear! Next week lookout for the return of the RM Bacon Weekly Video Update!

Here are the upcoming activities and events!

Monday - RTI Sweeps; BOE Meeting 7:00 PM
Tuesday - RTI Sweeps
Wednesday - RTI Sweeps
Thursday - RTI Sweeps
Friday - RTI Sweeps; Grade Level Meetings on McREL Self Assessment; PBIS Meeting 1:00 PM with Bear Bucks Store to follow

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 16 - 20

Bacon Bears,

Its all about RESPECT!

We finished our first FULL week! The students have made a great first impression on our teachers. I have heard such positive feedback from teachers and aides about how awesome our kids are behaving! I know that our students will have a great year if they continue to Be Safe, Responsible and Respectful!

I made my way throughout the building this week. I was able to see some really cool things. I watched our Kindergartners prepare for fire drills, 1st graders work out in physical education, 2nd graders enjoy the cafeteria, 3rd graders learn about the school, 4th graders reading with their parents and 5th graders take their benchmark assessments!

The staff will embark on their first "flipped" staff meeting of the year! Prior to the meeting, the staff will watch a video and a Power Point on Student Growth Objectives. At the actual meeting, Ray Jacobs and Dr. Cook will work with teachers to apply what they learned and develop their SGO's. 

Pictures of the Week
We had 25 teachers volunteer to participated in the Technology PLC known as "Tech Friday" 

We look forward to welcoming back Sensei Jon from Best of the Best for our Week of Respect Assembly October 4

What mold do you want to break free from?

Weekly Overview
Monday - PBIS Interviews, 1:00 PM

Tuesday - SPAC Meeting 1:00 PM, Dr. Cook; Back to School 6:30 PM

Wednesday - Another respectful day at RM Bacon 

Thursday - Flipped Staff Meeting 8:00 AM - Topic SGO's and Teacher Evaluation!! Safety Assembly (courtesy of Home and School Association) 9:30 AM

Friday - Wear your Bacon shirts! Grade book set up with Alcia and Carmelita (Computer Lab - All Day) 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 9 - 13

Bacon Bears,

It's all about RESPECT! 

According to parents, teachers, students and visitors we had a great opening to the 2013-14 school year. Parents and students were able to meet their teachers and attend a brief assembly. 

Important things to remember:
Doors open at 8:55 AM
Late Bell rings at 9:15 AM (Official start of the school day)

We have 3 school rules:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Respectful
Dismissal for bus students is 3:40 PM and walkers and car riders is 3:45 PM

Parents - Did you miss our video at the opening assembly? Take a look at how serious we are about our theme (as well as being silly)!

Your children are in good hands! This is going to be a fantastic year!!!

This week will be continuing to establish norms and getting to know each other. We do have a few activities planned this week. On Wednesday, we are encouraging everyone to wear Red, White and Blue to celebrate this great country we live in and to remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. 

Here are some pictures from opening week before the students arrived. Next week we will have a montage of students... 
Our home!!! 

The passing of the whistle. Coach Musarra meets Ms. Bieri 

RM Bacon teachers minutes before our first staff meeting!

This was my view at the Opening Day Extravaganza! 

Dr Gentile at the Opening Day Extravaganza 

Weekly Overview 
Monday - BOE Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tuesday - Another respectful day at RM Bacon
Wednesday - Red, White and Blue Day
Thursday - Another respectful day at RM Bacon
Friday - Tech Friday, 8:15 AM; SuccessMaker PD session, 9:30 AM

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2 - 6

Bacon Bears,

It's all about respect! 

Welcome back. This week we begin another stage in our transition to being a world class school! Teachers will be working collaboratively this week to prepare for the students. On Friday, we are all looking forward to that time when we open the doors for our official opening! We are especially awaiting the arrival of the class of 2026. Kindergartners entering this year will be graduating Millville High School in 2026. Mark your calendars!

The teachers have a lot on their plate this year. Check out this trailer that addresses the changes and how we are going to accomplish the tasks at hand. Yet, as much as things change, we will continue to place the students of RM Bacon Elementary as our guiding light. 

Opening Day Trailer

Earlier this summer we received a call from the Four Seasons of Millville. They wanted to donate supplies to our school. We said... YES! 

Here is the letter and supplies we received
Dear RM Bacon School, 
Take a look at the attached pictures to see the fantastic collection of the school supplies we packed , then loaded the car and delivered them to the school.  We met Principal Spike Cook and several teachers and were so touched by how grateful they were for our donation of over 1,000 items for their students.
We feel so blessed to live in this community of so many wonderful neighbors.
Thank you so much,

Joan Kelly, Pat Bacon and the Social Committee

Brief overview of the week
Monday - Labor Day
Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Opening Day Extravaganza at Lakeside MS
Wednesday - 8:55 AM - 3:55 PM - Professional Development (schedule has been emailed and snail mailed)
Thursday - 8:55 AM - 3:55 PM - Professional Development (schedule has been emailed and snail mailed)
Friday - School Opening - 9:15 AM School Wide Welcome Ceremony