Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 1 - 5, 2017


It's great to be back.  I hope all our students and staff members had a restful, recharging, fun, adventurous, relaxing, etc., spring break.  It's also great to be back for me personally.  I was out for five days to be with my growing family, and it was wonderful to spend some time with my wife, three-year old, and newborn.  The newest Coyle arrived in the wee hours of 4/11.  Mom and baby are both happy and healthy.

We've got a lot on the horizon, and the academic pace isn't slowing down one bit.  Several classes are in the middle of projects (all kinds of projects - science, history, research, writing, genius hour-- yes!).   The growth mindset mentality is still spreading and catching on.  People are positive.  Staff members are doing great work, and it keeps getting better!

'Tis the season for events.  Here are some important dates coming up for our Bacon Bears:

5/15 -- Spring Concert and Art Showcase at the LeVoy Theater (3rd - 5th grades)
5/26 -- Olympic Day (4th and 5th grades) and Fun Day (K-3)
5/31 -- Multicultural Week - Bacon's Day (5th grade) 
5/31 -- Lego Land trip (3rd grade)
6/1 - 6/2 -- Safety Patrol Trip
6/1 -- Atlantic City Aquarium (1st grade)
6/6 -- Lakeside Orientation (5th grade)
6/7 -- Ocean City (K)
6/8 -- Band trip to Lakeside
6/9 -- Phenom Factory (5th grade)  

You'll see a few more added next week. Stay tuned. 

Some good news - as of now, we've just about cut the number of our discipline referrals in half compared to this time last year.  We'll share the hard data after the year is over, but as it stands right now, we've had a significant reduction in behavioral incidents here at Bacon.  There are a number of reasons this happened, but one thing we've been sure to focus on this year is the persuasive power of relationships.  We know that when a teacher has a good rapport with a student, the connection can go a long way to overcoming student apathy, a poor attitude, and other things that get in the way of behavioral and academic success.  The old saying is true - people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Learning begins with caring.  Of course, caring alone doesn't actually get the work done, but if a teacher isn't caring and invested in what they do, they can only do so much for a student - and the student will only do so much for the teacher.  Teachers are limited in their ability to provide maximum impact if they don't value and foster a connection with their learners.  So much of what we can do in the classrooms relies on our ability to influence our students, and that influence is only possible when an environment of caring and trust has been established.  Great job to our entire Bear staff - from the classrooms to the cafeteria and everything in between - for creating a whole-school atmosphere of caring, trust, and success.  Keep it up!

In other news, PARCC testing begins this week.  Students are reminded to get a good night of sleep, eat breakfast, and come to school ready to focus and do their best!  We are sure they'll do great.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Karen Harris and Scott Sheppard for filling in while I was out.  Whenever I'm out, it's reassuring to know that Bacon is in capable, friendly hands.  Also, a huge thank you to Scott for the pictures he took of the Spring Fling and Egg Drop.  You'll see many of those pics below.

And speaking of pictures, we've got a lot this week, and I hope you enjoy them.  They are from activities from before and after spring break.

Keep doing great things, and keep being great.

Spring Fling

5th Grade Egg Drop Science Experiment Pictures

Earth Day celebration and other pictures from around the school

Birthday Selfies

Weekly overview
Monday (5/1): B day - Lesson plans due, PARCC testing

Tuesday (5/2): C day - A terrific Tuesday, PARCC testing

Wednesday (5/3): D day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday, K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs, PARCC testing

Thursday (5/4): E day -Staff meeting (8 am in the library),  4th grade PLC, PARCC testing

Friday (5/5):  A day - 1st and 3rd grade PLC, PARCC testing

**Looking ahead
5/22 - Community Night (rain day 5/23)