Friday, February 3, 2012

March 5 - 9

Bacon Bears,

So many great things going on at RM Bacon. Last week the school turned into Seussville. Each grade decorated the hallways with their favorite Seuss-inspired theme. The students in grades 3-5 were the first kids on the East Coast to see the new Lorax Movie. The K-2 students enjoyed readings from Dr. Moore, Mrs Spanbauer, Dr. Cook and other guest readers. They watched Green Eggs and Ham and were treated to snacks and GREEN EGGS. Thanks to the PTA for their generous donations to make these events become a reality. Also, thanks to all of the teachers who worked collaboratively to make this a special week for learning.

Teacher Spotlight
Mrs. Munzenmayer has been teaching for 29 years, 21 years here at R.M.Bacon. Teaching is still fun for her and she loves coming to work everyday!

She enjoys power walking, reading and baking. Her and her husband Ross have fun running their 9month old Lab, Sandy on the beach.

What they are saying about Mrs. Munzenmayer, "Carolyn is an excellent teacher. She is very helpful with with the fruit disbursement in the morning as well as any time I need an idea she helps. I know with students she gave me multiple resources she uses in Kindergarten last year to try and help ease them into first grade." Another teacher said, "Carolyn gives 100% everyday to Bacon School. Not only does she educate her students , but truly cares about each and everyone of them."

Who Is Teaching Physical Education?

Alexia and Marissa became physical education teachers (in training) on February 29. Student Teacher, Kevin DiBiase and Coach Mussarra came up with the idea a few weeks ago after one of the lessons. Students wanted to know more about what it took to be a physical education teacher. They had to submit lesson plans, and talk with Coach and Mr. DiBiaseabout the curriculum in both College and Elementary School.

They both enjoyed the day, but said, "It was exhausting!"

Pasta for Pennies Anyone?

Beginning this Monday, March 5 we are running a fundraiser that benefits the children and families of those affected by blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma.

Students are being encouraged to bring loose change to help those in need.

The winning homeroom will be treated to a luncheon served by Olive Garden.

Video of the Week

Weekly overview:
Monday - Pasta for Pennies; Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tuesday -Pasta for Pennies, Administrative Meeting, Dr. Cook 1/2 Day, Mrs. Harris

Wednesday -Pasta for Pennies
Thursday - Pasta for Pennies; Kindergarten Swimming
Friday -Pasta for Pennies, Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook
Saturday - Millville Neighborhood Summit. 9:00AM High School