Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 19 - 23, 2016


What a week!  From concerts to celebrations, a lot of great things were happening here at RM Bacon.

Congrats to Mrs. Gandy (left) and Mrs. Rohaly (right)

First up - congratulations to Beth Rohaly (music) on being Bacon's teacher of the year, and congrats to Amy Gandy (1st grade aide) on being Bacon's educational specialist of the year.  Both of these ladies go above-and-beyond to provide our Bears with a safe and fun learning environment.  They work hard every day, do more than what's expected, connect with the students, and do their part to make Bacon an amazing school. Ladies - everyone here notices the time and effort you put into what you do.  Your accomplishment is well deserved.  You make Bacon better!

Holiday Concert
Speaking of Mrs. Rohaly -- the Bacon chorus and concert bands put on a wonderful performance this past week.  It is clear that the students worked hard to prepare for the show, and the audience comprised of friends, family, and Bacon staff enjoyed the playing and singing that ensued.  Well done, students.  Keep practicing, keep working hard, keep playing, keep reaching, and keep being great.  Also, a big thanks to Mrs. Peck and her team of merry helpers (aka Bacon students and staff) who helped decorate the gym and transform it into a winter wonderland.  Also, a shout out goes to Ms. Anton and Mrs. Banker's kindergarten class for drawing the snowflakes on the side displays.  They looked great!

This week, Bacon also hosted a trim-the-tree event where students and their parents could come to Bacon, decorate ornaments (and take them home), drink hot chocolate, eat snacks, and spend some quality time with loved ones.  All who came had a great time.  Though freezing outside, the air inside was warm and filled with music, cheer, and the sounds of people having fun.  A huge thanks to Barbara Lore and Amanda DeVita for pulling it together, and another big thanks to the Bacon family who took their vision and provided the people-power to make it a reality.  Great job, Bears!!

Everyone have a safe and fun week.  Keep working hard, keep having fun, and keep making a difference.  Remember...Together, we can.  Together, we will.  

Here we are - the final week before the holiday break!  

On 12/22, we'll be having our ugly/cute sweater day.  So, if you have a nice sweater or not-so-nice sweater that you'd like to show off, here's your chance.  

On 12/23, we'll be having our pajama and movie day here at Bacon.  We'll be gathering in the gym to sing a few seasonal numbers, and then the classes will have the option of staying in the gym to watch a movie or returning to class to do something fun on their own.

On Friday (12/23), dismissal will be at 1:45. There is no latch key or Club 21 that day. All after school activities are cancelled.  

Holiday Concert

Trim-A-Tree Event

Pictures from around the School

I'd say he's ready
Final practice before the show

Eating sweet-and-sour chicken with chopsticks

Trying the chopsticks a different way
Clarence Blake, 3rd grade, reading to Mrs. Lore's kindergarten class

He did a great job
Friends having a great day

Mrs. Munzenmayer's kindergarten class mapping out what they like to do in the frosty air

And then turning that work into the completed project - looks great!

The new jackets are in!  Millville pride!

Mrs. Rohaly finding out she won teacher of the year

Holding up the special tooth case for the one that fell out
Mrs. Gandy was caught by surprise

Silly sock day.  These are certainly...silly. 

A lot of silliness...

...and the students got into silly sock day as well
A surprise visit from Mrs. Levari and her son!

Birthday Selfies!

He wanted us to have the serious look

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar)
Monday (12/19): C day - lesson plans due

Tuesday (12/20): D day - progress reports sent home

Wednesday (12/21): E day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday, Parents As Leaders meeting (6 pm at Bacon)

Thursday (12/22): A day - Staff breakfast (8 am in the library), MSHS present delivery (1 pm),  PBIS Pep Rally (2:10 - 3:10 in the gym), ugly OR nice OR not-so-nice OR plain sweater day!

Friday (12/23): B day - Pajama day, movie in the gym (am), early dismissal (1:45 pm).  All after-school activities are cancelled.  No Club 21, no latch key.