Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 29 - November 2

Bacon Bears,

We are open with a regular schedule on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Please note changes to the schedule below:

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the week:

Monday - World Run Assembly, 9:30AM (School was cancelled)
Tuesday - School Photos, all day; Halloween Frolic, 7:00 PM (School was cancelled)
Wednesday - SuccessMaker presentation, 9:00 AM
Thursday - Staff Meeting 8:00 AM; Halloween Frolic, 6:30 PM
Friday - Halloween Parade, 2:00 PM with class parties to follow
You Matter!

There is only one thing on the mind of everyone in the South Jersey area.... Hurricane Sandy. Our superintendent has said that they will be determining whether or not we have school based on the reports and if we don't hear anything, we are still open.

We had a Bacon Bear Alumni visit our school on Friday. Taiwan Holmes, who is currently attended RM Bacon in the 1980's stopped by to see the school. He met with former teachers, and even talked to a few students. Thanks for the visit!

Video of the week. As I was observing Mrs. Benson's class this week, I watched this video. Very Cool:

On November 12, 2012, RM Bacon School will be participating in WORLD RUN DAY 2012!!! We will celebrate the sport of running by promoting the health benefits and engaging in an afternoon of running, music and fun!!! We will be joining thousands of others all around the WORLD!! Not only are we trying to promote a healthy lifestyle but we are also doing this in an effort to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland County. For more information on this organization please visit

Impossible is Nothing!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 22 - 26

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

It was not easy being out of the building three days last week . Mrs. Harris continues to do an excellent job for the school in my absence.

I attended and presented at the Texas ASCD conference in Dallas, TX. It was a great experience all around, and as I shared the RM Bacon Elementary story, educators were impressed. I was able to tour Dealey Plaza, the grassy knoll, and the school book depository museum all in relation to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America.

Dr. Cook on the grassy knoll
On Thursday, along with Mrs. Simpson (Music Teacher and Family and Community Engagement Coordinator), and Mrs. Markee (our Home and School Association President) I visited Knapp Elementary School. Knapp has become recognized throughout the country as one of the premier schools for family and community engagement. We learned about their school, and their programs. We also had the opportunity to share some of the great programs that are occurring here at RM Bacon Elementary.

Pictures from Knapp
Welcoming front lobby at Knapp

Knapp front entrance
Joe Mazza, Lead Learner at Knapp

Updates for this week
There will be no Resource Room classes on Monday or Tuesday. Mrs. Peterson and Ms. Ford are working on a complete re haul of their schedule. More information to follow.

This week we have Dr. Porecca visiting RM Bacon to screen students for vision (Tuesday At 9:30 AM). Contact the Nurse if you have any questions.

On Wednesday we will be having an assembly titled "More Power for You!" This looks to be a great opportunity for our students to learn about motivation.

All teachers (except BSI interventionists) will participate in Grade Level Meetings this week. We will be focusing on Generating and Testing Hypothesis application in the classrooms.

Club 21 Sailing Adventure:

Weekly Overview
Monday - Dr. Cook will be a guest teacher for Mr. Drewnowski
Tuesday - Eye Screenings at 9:30 AM;
Wednesday - More Power for YOU! 2:00 PM; I &RS team training all day
Thursday - Grade Level Meetings for all Teachers (CITWS)
Friday - Tech Friday; PBIS Meeting 1:00 PM, and Bear Bucks Store at 2:30 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 15 - 19

Bacon Bears,
You Matter!

Did you know that RM Bacon Elementary has a Facebook page? Yes, in addition to twitter, and the blog, we are on Facebook. At the time of this blog we had 65 likes. Once we get to 100 likes, the students will get a special celebration (RM Bacon Facebook page link) 

We are looking for candidates for our first (in a while) Talent Show.... Don't think you have talent? Check this out video, and you might just have a shot at being selected!

Last week we hosted former Harlem Globetrotter Seth Franco.

Seth entertained the students and staff, but it was his message that had everyone excited. Seth talked about how we need to connect with students and adults, talk about our problems, and work hard to overcome!

Seth enjoyed his time at RM Bacon. He signed a ball for us to display in the front office. He said this of our students, "They were great. I loved how they participated, and participated. Thanks to everyone on staff for their help in making this event a success!"

This week is busy for Dr. Cook. He will be presenting on all of the tremendous things going on at RM Bacon. First, on Saturday he will be presenting with our Club 21 coordinator Ms. Discepola on Going Global. They recruited Mrs. Sutton and some willing students to help build interest for the conference.

Then on Sunday, Dr. Cook will be traveling to Dallas, TX to present at Texas ASCD  Annual Conference with Principal Tra Hall (from Texas) on the importance of being connected through Social Media. Dr. Cook will be in Dallas until Tuesday.

On Thursday, Dr. Cook and Mrs. Simpson will be traveling to Knapp Elementary School to learn about their parent and community engagement programs.

On Friday, the summer trek team will be working together on the upcoming professional development schedule for the school.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook
Tuesday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook
Wednesday - Part Time Aide workshop, 9:30 Am - 11:00 AM
Thursday - Mrs. Harris in for Dr. Cook - Staff Meeting Canceled
Friday - Summer Trek team meeting

Impossible is Nothing!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 8 - 12

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

Wear Blue for School Pride!
We are into our second full week of Monstober, uh, I mean October. I must be watching too much Disney with my kids. I will say, however, that RM Bacon is a Scary Good Elementary School :)
We had a very successful Wellness Week! I want to thank you to the committee that made the week a success: Ms. Spanbauer, Ms. Peck, Ms. McLoone, and Mrs. Simpson!

There were some really cool things going on throughout the school this week. In the Cave, Coach Bramble and Coach have commenced the 2012-13 quest for the Presidential Fitness Awards. Enjoy this video explaining the program:

As I observed teachers this week, I saw so many important activities. There are so many teachers who are ensuring that the children are exposed to 21st Century LEARNING! Here are some of the pictures I took to highlight the hard work that the teachers and kids are engaging in.
Anthony met with Mayor Shannon, and presented his idea for a skate park
Mrs. Gandy's class tweeted the Governor as they worked on a Prezi

Mrs. Sinone's students working on the SMART board

This week we have our first 3 day weekend.... No school on Monday!

Here is the Weekly Schedule:
Monday - Off
Tuesday - I and RS meeting, 1:00 PM; Administrator's Meeting, 1:00 PM
Wednesday - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Cape May; Youth Alliance Assembly, 2:00 PM
Thursday -
Friday -

Impossible is Nothing!