Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31 - June 3, 2016

Bacon Bears,

What a week!  We kicked it off with our art showcase and concert at the Levoy Theatre.  All the planning and preparation paid off.  The students performed with excellence, the crowd was pumped, and our school was represented with pride and honor.

It was our school's first time performing at the Levoy, but that didn't seem to bother our students one bit.  They rose to the occasion and played and sang their hearts out.  The band did a great job, the bucket drummers got the crowd moving, and the singers left it all on the stage.  Even the principal got in on the action and accompanied the chorus on his guitar (along with other guest musicians) for a swinging dixieland rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In."  Truly, a great time was had by all.  A big thanks goes to the fine people at the Levoy who helped coordinate the event, our fine and performing arts direction Henry Hartman for pulling it together on the district end and supporting our staff, our art teacher Meganne Peck for putting together a wonderful display of student artistic talent, and Beth Rohaly for preparing the band and chorus for their moment in the spotlight.  Also, a huge thanks to all the staff who volunteered to supervise our students at the Levoy and for being available in whatever way they were needed.  It would not have happened without everyone's hard work.  Thank you!

The "Jump with Jill" assembly took place last week.  Students were encouraged to respect their bodies through good choices such as exercise and what to eat.  The high-energy performance had students on their feet, and the presenters interacted well with our students and kept them engaged, singing, stomping, and laughing the whole time.

Olympic and Fun day was Friday.  The day started with the traditional parade through downtown Millville.   All elementary schools were represented, and the sense of school and city pride was palpable.  Once we arrived at Memorial High School, the games commenced.   Our 4th and 5th grade students had a blast competing against the other schools.  The weather was a little warm (or downright hot depending on whom you asked), but after weeks of rain and gloom, nobody complained.

We have a lot of trips and events coming up in the next few weeks.  Check the week at a glace section below, but also be sure to check the school calendar.  When in doubt, feel free to call the school.

Pictures from around the school (and town)

Students awaiting their moment at the Levoy 
Bacon up in lights! (well, at least displayed in a lit case outside the Levoy)

Backstage view of Bacon at the Levoy

They are READY

Getting in a game of badminton before school

Morning workout

Celebrating another great day at Bacon
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Cheeseman!

Jump with Jill assembly

Rocking and singing with Jill

High energy...

...and our Bears loved it!
These two are ready

Lining up to send off our 4th and 5th graders to the parade

Here they come

Bacon is on their way

Our little Bears waiting for our bigger Bears to pass by

Well done

Bacon takes first!

Cross-town rivals.  Friendly rivals, of course. 

Having fun at Olympic Day


At Olympic Day
School pride

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: School closed in observance of Memorial Day 
Tuesday: D day - Mrs. Muhlbaier's class visit to MSHS
Wednesday: E day - Workout Wednesday, Color Run
Thursday: A day - Safety patrol trip
Friday: B day - Wear Bacon gear

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 23 - 27, 2016

Bacon Bears,

Serving our alumni
Another Alumni Night is in the books!  After postponing the event so more people could RSVP and make arrangements to attend, we can proudly say that those who came out had a wonderful time.  Great food and great company was enjoyed by all, and everyone was all smiles!  This year's focus was the legendary floor hockey program, and anyone who knows anything about Bacon history understands how much this sport is part of the fabric and culture of our school.  To all the alumni who came out - thank you for honoring us with your presence as we honored YOU, Bacon's own.  We'll see you in a few years!

To see more pictures from Alumni night, please click here.  Thank you to all the current Bears who helped make this evening possible.  It took a family to pull it off.       

4th grade reading to kindergarten
The 4th grade smoothie program wrapped up this week.  We'll see what the future holds, but while it lasted, it was a great opportunity for many students to be health-conscience.  Healthy school, healthy living, healthy choices - we are striving for greatness in all of these.   

We have less than a month of school left, but that doesn't mean we are slowing down.  Many classes are still revving along.  Learning is taking place, and student engagement hasn't dropped down a few gears simply because the weather is finally nice and June is almost upon us.  Keep it up, students and staff!  Finish strong!

The sun managed to make more of an appearance this past week, which has been a rare thing of late.  And we say...we'll take it!  If you live on the eastern seaboard or in the Mid-Atlantic region (for our out-of-area readers), you know what we mean.  It's no wonder that a certain Beatle's song was going through the minds of many this week... 

The Week Ahead

We have busy week ahead of us here at Bacon.  Final preparations are underway for the art showcase and spring concert.  Ms. Peck and Mrs. Rohaly have been working hard to bring you quality presentations from our Bacon Bears, and we applaud their dedication to excellence.  Remember, this year's events will take place on Monday, 5/23, at the Levoy Theatre here in Millville.  The art show will begin at 6, and the concert will be underway at 7.  Please come support the students as they take advantage of this unique opportunity to perform and showcase their talents at a local world-class facility.  We hope to see you there.

Mrs. Sinone's 3rd- grade class will be taking a field trip to the Phenom Factory on Tuesday, 5/24. Students will be able to participate in a number of fun and fitness-themed activities. 

On Wednesday, 5/25, the 4th graders will take their NJ ASK Science test.  Good luck, students.

Fun Day and Olympic Day will be on Friday, 5/27.  The day will kick off with the time-honored Olympic Day parade.  From there, the students who are participating in Olympic Day will head to Memorial High School for the day's events while the rest will return to Bacon for Fun Day.  To everyone who is participating in either event - have fun, and be safe!

Pictures from around the school

Here come the alumni.  A great time was had by all!

Do we have a winner?

Making connections
Messy eater!  Apparently, it was good...

Getting to the good part
The legend (not the one on the right)

Birthday Selfies!

Even teachers get in on the birthday selfie action!

Who doesn't like a birthday selfie? (And why didn't anyone tell Mr. Coyle his hair got messed up??)

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: D day - Dress rehearsal at the Levoy in the a.m., art showcase and spring concert at the Levoy in the p.m. Art showcase at 6, concert at 7.
Tuesday: E day - Mrs. Sinone's class trip to The Phenom Factory
Wednesday: A day - 4th grade NJ ASK Science test
Thursday: B day - Another great day at Bacon
Friday: C day - Fun day and Olympic day

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 16 - 20, 2016

Bacon Bears,

A positive attitude matters - a lot - and Bacon has a lot of positivity going on.  A good attitude is contagious, and we all are coming down with one.  Staff and students alike are feeling good, doing good things, accomplishing good work, and demonstrating goodness in what we say and do.  Maybe it's the warm, spring air (well, it was warm and dry for a day).  Maybe it's the fact that summer vacation is rolling toward us.  But maybe it's the fact that we love what we do and why we do it - and if that's true, what can't we accomplish as school?

Speaking of being positive, look at what some of our students have been up to...

Students being recognized for having a positive attitude.  The sky is the limit!

These students either wore red to honor Mother's Day, donated money to the American Heart Association, or encouraged others to help in some way.   All positive! Great job!

Good luck!
This week, we said farewell to our three student teachers who have been with us most of the year.  We wish them well on their future endeavors, and they will always be Bacon Bears.  Keep making a difference, keep being awesome, and keep being positive.

Lending a helping hand

Around here, we all pitch in and go the extra mile.  This is only possible when everyone is...you guessed it...positive!  Here's Mr. Lokey going above and beyond to help get some office equipment back up and running.

Students were recognized this month for displaying the trait of courage.  Congrats to our courageous friends!  You all make a positive impact here at Bacon.

Bears, in all you say and do, be positive.

Upcoming events

Don't forget - Bacon Alumni Night is 5/20.  Call the school today to RSVP.

Also, final preparations are underway for our Art Showcase and Spring Concert coming up on 5/23.  The Art Showcase begins at 6, the concert will take place at 7, and both events will be held at the Levoy Theatre in Millville.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Pictures from around the school

Enjoying the afternoon warmth 
Bear buddy! We had a great time!

Mrs. Benson and Mr. Drewnowski grabbing some sun

Getting it done 
Busy working on a project

Tech + art + space to work = great learning opportunity!

Working together

Birthday Selfies!

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: D day - Another great day at Bacon
Tuesday: E day - CFC Kindergarten visit, HSA meeting at 7 (Bacon library)
Wednesday: A day - Workout Wednesday
Thursday: B day - Staff meeting, PBIS meeting
Friday: C day - Wear Bacon gear, Alumni Night