Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29 - January 2, 2015

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on today, tomorrow and the future!

Happy New Year! It's hard to imagine that we will soon be ringing in the new year..... 2015!

Our school was selected to participated in global movement titled "Big Dreams." Take a look at video featuring our own Vianca!

The new year is a great time to re-focus our energies. What are you going to do to "dream big" this year? If you want to participate, be sure to share your dreams on Twitter using the #stuconnect.

We look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday, January 5. Enjoy the rest of the break!

Weekly Overview
Monday - Winter Break
Tuesday - Winter Break
Wednesday - Winter Break
Thursday - Winter Break - Happy New Year!
Friday - Winter Break

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 22 - 26

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on Today, Tomorrow and the Future!

There are only 2 more school days left in 2014! This has been another fantastic year because we have the best parents, students, staff and community that anyone could ever ask for!

This week is shortened because of the Winter Break. We will, however, make the best of the two days, and continue to be an Awesome School!!!!!!

Weekly Overview
Monday - B Day - Wear your favorite sports team shirt; 2:00 PM Bear Bucks Challenge
Tuesday - C - Day - 10:00 AM Sing-a-long and movie; 1:45 PM Dismissal; No PM Latch Key or Club 21
Wednesday - No School, Winter Break
Thursday - No School, Winter Break
Friday - No School, Winter Break

Pictures from around the school
Club 21 working out with UFC fighter and Millville native, Tim Williams

Mr. Frank getting choked by Tim Williams 

Tim Williams taking time to post for a picture with the Club 21 kids

Tim Williams signing autographs

Teachers wore their Holiday Sweaters on Friday 

Winter Concert Encore Performance 

Winter Concert Encore Performance 

Mr. Lokey was the guest reader in room 1 this week

Thank you to all the parents who packed the house on Monday for the Winter Concert 

Staff enjoying breakfast for the 12 days of Bacon 

Staff enjoying breakfast for the 12 days of Bacon 

And the 4th graders hung their stockings by the chimney with care 

Ms. Clearwater was officially inducted to the Bacon staff at our annual Holiday Party. 

Video of the Week: The power of giving 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 15 - 19

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on Today, Tomorrow, and the Future! 

We are only 7 school days away from the Holiday Break! As we prepare another busy week, we must remember there are still 7 school days left until the Holiday Break :) Teachers have plenty in store! 

We are very excited about the Winter Concert on Monday! This will be Ms. Clearwater's first concert with us, and we all know it will be EPIC. In preparation for the concert, the students will have the following schedule on Monday for rehearsal:
9:20-9:50 Student Readers and Student Dancers
10:00-10:50 Band
10:55-12:00 Chorus

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year (Mrs. Bingham) and our Educational Services Provider (Ms. Spanbauer). We want to encourage them to continue on and apply for Cumberland County! 

Mrs. Bingham (left) and Ms. Spanbauer (right) with their Poinsettias 

The Holiday Shop will be opening this week. Be sure to stop by before the Winter Concert or throughout the week.

Parents - Be on the lookout for Progress Reports on Wednesday! 

Pictures from around the school:
Celebrating Flannel Day 

Coats for Kids winners 

5th graders working on Triple Venn Diagrams! 

Small group instruction in 5th grade 

Lottery Day - All of the Staff were winners! 

Getting ready for the Winter Concert 

Dreaming of Summer! 

Video of the Week - Hour of Code with Barack Obama

Also, want to read Dr. Cook and Mrs. Mackall's Hour of Code post that was published by Corwin Connect? Check it out here: From Consuming to Producing: Hour of Code 

Dr. Cook's personal blog, Insights into Learning, is a finalist in the Edublog Award 2014 for Best Administrator Blog. Voting closes on 12/15/14. Cast your vote here  

Mrs. Devita and Mr. Hudson's Blog 3rd Grade Astronauts is a finalist in the Best Class Blog Category. Voting also closes on 12/15/14. Cast your vote here 
Weekly Overview
Monday - B Day - Winter Concert Rehearsals; Holiday Shop, 6:00 PM; Winter Concert, 7:00 PM 
Tuesday - C Day - Holiday Shop
Wednesday - D Day - Holiday Shop; Health School PLC, 1:30 PM
Thursday - E Day - Staff Meeting, 8:00 AM; Holiday Shop; Bacon Speaks, 4:00 PM 
Friday - A Day - Holiday Shop; PBIS PLC and Bear Bucks Store, 1:30 PM

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 8 - 12

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on today, tomorrow and the future!

December is in full swing, but before we forget, let's take a look at the November Rewind.

November was an awesome month with the World Run Day, Veterans Day, Benchmarks, Turkey Feast and the Christmas Parade! We can't stop and we won't stop :)

Did you get the December Newsletter? Click here for the newsletter 

There are 12 days left until the Christmas Break. In recognition of this, Dr. Cook will be doing something each day for the staff. Stay tuned!

Pictures from around the school
Staff engaged in PLCs 

Staff PLCs in action 

Dr. Cook and Cam for Bear Buddy 


Mrs. Gandy's Guinea Pigs getting some exercise 

2nd try on Genius Hour in 3rd grade

4th grade students working on a Healthy Posters

Club 21 students working on their Hour of Code a little early

Complete! One student finished their Hour of Code!


Lucky Bears who won the Coats for Kids 

Weekly Overview
Monday - B Day - 12 days of Bacon; BOE Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tuesday - C Day - 11 days of Bacon; Vision Testing (grades 1, 3, and 5); SPAC Meeting, 1:00 PM; Band Practice
Wednesday - D Day - 10 Days of Bacon; Work Out Wednesday; CST meeting, 10:00;  PARCC Overview (grades 3, 4 and 5)
Thursday - E Day - 9 days of Bacon; Chorus Practice 
Friday - A Day - 8 Days of Bacon; Hat Day for Anti Bullying

Friday, November 28, 2014

December 1 - 5

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on Today, Tomorrow, and the Future!

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving Holiday. We hope you had an enjoyable time with your family. We are thankful for you!!!!

We are excited to be continuing our partnership with Cumberland County CAP program this week. Our friends from CAP will be working with our students on Bullying! Teachers will each have two sessions this week.

On Tuesday we will be having our monthly HSA meeting at 4:00 PM in Room 8.

On the side page of the blog you will find a link for the Teacher of the Year. Nominations are due by Wednesday, December 3 at 3:30 PM to Dr. Cook.

Weekly Overview:
Monday - B Day - CAP Program, Bullying;
Tuesday - C Day - CAP Program, Bullying; I and RS, 12:30 - 3:30; HSA Meeting, 4:00 PM.
Wednesday - D Day - CAP Program, Bullying;
Thursday - E Day - Staff Meeting, PLC, 8:00 AM; CAP Program, Bullying; Attendance PLC, 1:30 - 3:30; Bacon Speaks! 4:00 PM
Friday - A Day - CAP Program, Bullying; Coats for Kids; Grade Level Meeting with Maggie Colina

Vote for RM Bacon's No-Shave November Winner:

RM Bacon Student Blogger of the Week:
This week, our featured blogger is 4th grader Kylie who wrote a post about our Healthy School Initiative.
Kylie is looking forward to a Salad Bar
We are becoming a healthy school. In the cafeteria they are serving very healthy things. They are serving vegetables, meats, and fruits. They even have healthy snacks like baked chips that are not fried. They serve juice that is carbonated. Kids think they are drinking soda. They even serve fruits like bananas, oranges, and a lot more. That is what they have in our cafeteria.

In the whole entire school they have snacks in class, but they are healthy snacks. For example, at Halloween our class gave up the cupcakes, and ate Jello, pineapples, granola bars, and pretzels.  So we are a really healthy school. I am proud about R.M Bacon’s healthy changes. By being healthy we can be fit and think smarter. I am hoping that in the future we can have a salad bar.

Pictures from around the School:
Scooter Handball wrapped up this week.

Last minute strategy for the Scooter Handball Championship 

Steven showed off his new haircut 

Video of the Week:
Thank a Teacher!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 24 - 28

Bacon Bears,

Focusing on today, tomorrow and the future!

It's Thanksgiving Week! Although we have a shortened week, we have a lot in store and a lot to be thankful for!

RM Bacon is thankful for the school community for all their support! We can not do it without you!

Weekly Overview
Monday - D Day - 10:04 AM, Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; Parent Conferences, 6 - 8 PM
Tuesday - E Day - 9:30 AM, Elks Dictionary Program, 3rd Grade; 10:04 AM Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; Parent Conferences, 6 - 8 PM
Wednesday - A Day - 10:00 AM Students vs. Teachers, Scooterball; 11:30 AM Attendance Reward; 1:45 PM Dismissal; NO PM Latch Key
Thursday - Thanksgiving Day - No School
Friday - No School (RM Bacon will have a float in the Christmas Parade)

Parent/Teacher Tip of the Week:

How do you praise your children? Research indicates that adults should praise the effort, not the outcome. Here is a table that can help:

Do not say…
Do say…
You are so smart!
You work hard and it shows! (Be specific about complementing the specific process and/or effort the child demonstrates)
You are a great athlete.  You could be the next (pick super athlete)!
“Your focus on ______ (batting stance, dribbling, etc.) has really made a positive difference.”
“I noticed that you pay good attention when you are on the field. “
(If admiring another athlete, focus on the effort and/or  attitude shown)
You always get good grades; that makes me happy.
When you put forth effort, it really shows in your grades.  You should be proud of yourself.  We are proud of you!
You are a gifted musician! 
You seem to really enjoy playing the piano.  Keep practicing, and you will see amazing results!
You drawing is wonderful; you are my little artist!
I see that you have been practicing your drawing; what a great improvement!  Tell me about it.
So, the next time you are ready to praise your child, stop and think about how to use that opportunity to foster a growth mindset by celebrating your child’s effort and attitude through the experience – rather than just the final accomplishment. (source: Donald Rheem Elementary School

Pictures from around the school 
Ms Reilly enjoying some turkey leftovers 

Turkey Feast 

Turkey Feast 

Turkey Feast 

The 5 Bear Bucks table: Bacon Gear, Homework Passes, or Bear Buddy

The first Bacon Speaks program! 20 students attended
Video of the Week:
Checkout this TED Talk from Sam Berns titled, "My Philosophy for a Happy Life." Sam, who happens to have Progeria, is a brave young man with an import message for us all.... 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 17 - 21

Be sure to donate to the Turkey Feast
Bacon Bears,

Focusing on today, tomorrow, and the future!

This week we will be hosting our Annual Turkey Feast on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. The Turkey Feast is always a great opportunity for students and teachers to get together and share the Thanksgiving love for RM Bacon!

The Bookfair is quickly approaching. If anyone would like to volunteer, they can email patty.banker@millvillenj.gov. Be sure to mention the child's name and your phone number. All volunteers will receive a free #rmbacon T-Shirt! The dates for the bookfair are as follows:

Thursday, November 20 (B Day) 1:15 - 3:45
Monday, November 24 (D Day) 9:15 - 1:45
Tuesday, November 25 (E Day) 9:15 - 1:45
Wednesday, November 26 (A Day) 9:15 - 11:00

Well, it is official... We have our Spirit Gear Bear and Throwback shirts ready to go! Based on the responses from the GOOGLE Form survey, you have spoken! Here are the two designs chosen by YOU!

Bacon Spirit Gear
Front of shirt or hoodie 

Bacon Throwback
Shirt front and hoodie will be available 

back of shirt and hoodie 

Order forms will be available this week :)

Here is a great article to read... It is about THAT child. This is a great article for parents, teachers and the community to read:
About That Kid 

Weekly Overview:
Monday - D Day - BOE Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tuesday - E Day - Mobile Dentist, Library;
Wednesday - A Day - CST Meeting, 9:30 AM; Turkey Feast, Grades K, 1 and 3 at 11:00 AM; Grades 2, 4 and 5 at 12:30
Thursday - B Day - Staff Meeting, PLC, 8:00 AM; Bear Bucks Store, 2:30 PM; Bacon Speaks, 4:00 PM
Friday - C Day - Early Dismissal, 1:45; Parent/Teacher Conference 2:00 - 3:55 PM

Video of the Week 
Here is Dr. Cook's attempt at doing a Touchcast with a little help from Club 21 students. Thanks to their dedication, Touchcast will flourish! If you are watching this on YouTube, it will not be interactive. Checkout the Touchcast app to interact with video and pictures.

Pictures from around the school:
Special area teachers in their PLC

New Music carpet 

Our rules got a lift... Be safe, responsible and respectful 

These #rmbacon shirts are designed for giveaways, Bear Bucks Store, and other incentives 

Teachers learning collaboratively in a PLC (Professional Learning Community) 

Tech Friday resources

Do teachers plan this? Somehow, Ms. Clearwater and Mrs. Devita dressed as twins 

Pirate treasure? 

The principal's office is usually open... unless it is Jim's Lunch 

4th and 5th grade students participating in Band
Thank you for your support of the Bacon Bears!