Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 29 - June 1

Bacon Bears,

Did somebody say June? Yes, this Friday is June 1st! Thankfully, we have a four day week to get us prepared. Make sure you enjoy your Memorial Day and be ready for school on Tuesday.

We accomplished so many things last week. We hosted the ASCD film crew on Monday, the State CAPA visit on Wednesday, Mock Olympic Day Thursday, and Fun Day/Olympic Day on Friday. Not to mention, we assessed the students on their final benchmarks (Universal Sweeps). It was exhausting!

We had a very successful Olympic Day and Fun Day. Watch the RM Bacon Weekly Video to see!

Students - Even though we are closely approaching the end of the school year, our expectations have not changed. We still expect that learning will be occurring in the classrooms, and that everyone will be engaged! Let's end the year like we began it! Remember, Your Image is Our Image! Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful!

Teachers - I have one more week of walkthroughs. I am convinced that we will make sure that each teacher has 30 walkthroughs. We only have a handful of teachers in the mid to high 20's. I will be focused on ensuring that we continue to implement Classroom Instruction That Works strategies. 

In addition, TEQ will be giving a free demonstration lesson to teachers who will be receiving SMART Boards this summer. The training will be on Tuesday in room 14 from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM. Stay tuned because we will be distributing a schedule for your time slot.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Memorial Day - No School
Tuesday - Mobile Dentist; 9:30 AM; Terra Nova, Grade 1, 10:00 AM;  SMART Board Discovery Training, Room 14, 1:30 PM; Safety Trip all day
Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day; Safety Trip All Day; Terra Nova, Grade 1, 10:00 AM; Technology Showcase, Lakeside, 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday -
Friday - Honor Roll Trip, All Day; PBIS Meeting, 1:00 PM; Bear Bucks Store 3:00 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 21 - 25

Bacon Bears,

Now that the NJASK and NJPASS are all completed, we will be moving on with more assessments! Next week the students in 1st through 4th will be participating in our Universal Sweeps. We will compare how they score with their previous scores in the beginning of the year, as well as their January results. This data will assist us with determining our Basic Skill Interventions for next year.

We will be hosting the ASCD film crew on Monday and Thursday. 5th grade teacher Jaime Sutton and 1st grade teacher Ryan Hudson were selected to have their classes filmed for an upcoming video series on the book, Classroom Instruction That Works (second edition).This amazing opportunity was a result of the ongoing partnership between the Millville School District has with ASCD and McRel. 

On Wednesday, the State of New Jersey CAPA Team will be visiting RM Bacon to receive an update on our progress towards world-class education. The team will be visiting classes to observe instruction.

As if it couldn't get any busier, RM Bacon Bears will be having a Mock Olympic Day on Thursday and the 4th and 5th graders will be participating in Olympic Day on Friday. Our Kindergarten through 3rd graders will be participating in FUN Day on Friday.

Buckle up, it is going to be a great ride this week! Enjoy the RM Bacon Weekly:

Weekly Overview:
Monday - ASCD Film Crew visits, RTI Universal Sweep,Mr. Hudson's class gets Olive Garden!
Tuesday - RTI Universal Sweep, Eddie the Eagle Assembly, 9:30 AM; PTA Meeting 4:00 PM
Wednesday - CAPA Visit; Child Family Center visit 9:30 AM
Thursday - Jeans for Troops; I and RS Meeting 8:00 AM; ASCD Film Crew Visits; Mock Olympic Day
Friday - Olympic Day (4 and 5); Fun Day (K-3)

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 14 - 18

1st graders are learning about the Life Cycle of a Chicken
 Bacon Bears,
Well, testing is over! (Except for the make-ups) Thank you to Mrs. Nolan and Ms. Spanbauer for their hard work and efficient organizing behind the scenes.

In lieu of the RM Bacon Weekly Video Update, I would like everyone to watch an inspirational video about the Nettlehorst School in Chicago. After watching it, I would then like to know who is ready to help us achieve the impossible? As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

3 little chickens are growing up!

The Nettlehorst School, Chicago, IL. The Parent Brigade

Students- Progress Reports will be sent out this week. 2nd graders will going to Cape May on Friday, May 18 to visit the Zoo!

Staff - We are having a Faculty Meeting on Thursday, May 17th. Our presenter will be Carole Paladino and the topic will be "Blood Born Pathogens." Also on Thursday, we have our Annual Staff Barbecue (Rain date is Friday).
We will also be having our 3rd Tech Friday session this Friday at 8:20 AM in room 2.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Make up Testing
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday- Staff Barbecue
Friday - Tech Friday, 8:20 AM; 2nd grade to Cape May 9:30 AM

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 7 through 11 NJASK Week

Bacon Bears, 

This is the week that we put our pencils to the test! We are only asking ONE thing from each of those who are taking the NJASK: Try Your Best. Want some test taking strategies from our teachers? Watch this video by Mrs. DeVita! 

Here is an overview of the NJASK Testing Week: 
Monday - Full Day of School - NJASK will begin promptly at 9:25 AM. No students will be permitted into the testing rooms after 9:25 AM. Regular Lunch Schedule.  

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - Early Dismissal- NJASK will begin promptly at 9:25 AM. No students will be permitted into the testing rooms after 9:25 AM. Students will be dismissed at 1:45 AM. Lunches will be in the classroom.  

Friday- Full Day of School - NJASK will begin promptly at 9:25 AM. No students will be permitted into the testing rooms after 9:25 AM. Regular Lunch Schedule.

Teachers - Please refer to your post NJASK schedule for lunch times, prep periods, etc. Here is the PD schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

Music and Art Staff will meet at Silver Run all three days.
Physical Education Staff and Librarians will meet at Holly Heights all three days.
Word Language Staff will follow the Day one schedule in their buildings.  They will meet at Rieck Avenue on day two and three.

All remaining staff members, including full-time aides will follow the schedule below:

Tuesday, May 8th- View two webinars in our building.  The links for those webinars are:

1 - We are only viewing the first 28 minutes of this webinar. 

2 Using Student Growth Percentiles -We will view this entire webinar.  It is approx. 20 minutes.

Wednesday, May 9th – Sharing of mathematics best practices.
Silver Run, Holly Heights, and R. M. Bacon staff will meet at Silver Run.
Rieck Avenue and Mt. Pleasant staff will meet at Rieck Avenue.

Thursday, May 10- RM Bacon Staff will work on PBIS for the 12-13 school year.

ALL sessions will be held from 2:30pm to 3:55pm.  This allows for 30 minutes lunch and 15 travel time.  Please keep in mind that teachers’ regular dismissal is 3:55pm.

Weekly Overview
Monday - NJASK grades 3-5, Full day of school, Regular lunch schedule
Tuesday - NJASK grades 3-5, NJPASS grade 2, Early dismissal (1:45 PM) Lunches in classroom; Teacher PD at 2:30 PM in RM Bacon (unless otherwise noted)
Wednesday - NJASK grades 3-5, NJPASS grade 2, Early Dismissal (1:45 PM) Lunches in classroom; Teacher PD at 2:30 PM at Silver Run (unless otherwise noted)
Thursday - NJASK grades 3-5, NJPASS grade 2, Early Dismissal (1:45 PM) Lunches in classroom; Teacher PD at RM Bacon (unless otherwise noted)
Friday - NJASK grade 4, and make-ups,  Full day of school, Regular lunch schedule