Saturday, September 29, 2012

October 1 - 5 (Wellness Week)

You Matter!

Received this picture via twitter this morning. Fitting!
If you are reading this blog, then you are at the right place for information regarding RM Bacon Elementary, a school where impossible is nothing!

Wellness Week October 1 - 5

In preparation for Wellness Week, our guidance counselor Ms. Spanbauer, along with our PBIS aide, Ms. McCloone worked with some 5th grade students on an interesting video about the Bacon Bully Buster:
Join in the fun as we show our commitment to “Wellness”. So dig through your closet and get out the “colors of the day” to represent Wellness all the WAY!

Mellow Yellow-Monday
Spread KINDNESS and CALM, just stay MELLOW by wearing yellow
Spread Red - Tuesday
Get the word spread, by wearing red. NO DRUGS FOR ME!
True Blue-
Dress in blue, to represent a FRIEND who is TRUE
Clean & Green
Keep the world CLEAN, show support by wearing green
Back Black
Dress in Black because you won’t stand BACK when someone is getting bullied!


October 2012 – Is jokingly being named the Assembly Month. We have 4  assemblies scheduled, and I apologize in advance for the interruptions to school day, but we need to participate in these events for our students. Here is the schedule for our assemblies this month.
October 1 - Autism Awareness Assembly; 2:30 PM (whole school)
October 2 - Steered Straight Assembly; 2:00 PM (k-2) 2:45 PM (3-5)
October 10 - Youth Alliance Assembly; 2:00 PM
October 25 - More Power For You Assembly; 2:00 PM (K-5)

Grade Level Meeting – Next GLM is scheduled for Thursday, October 4…..BUT….. we are trying something new… Celese put the results of your sweep in your mailbox. Please review this prior to the meeting, and when you show up, you will have attended your first “flipped” meeting. Kind of crazy right? So, what will we discuss at GLM? That is up to you J

Staff Meeting – We will be starting our CITWS 2.0 series on Thursday October 4. PAL will be sent prior to the meeting. Theme will be centered on Generating and Testing Hypothesis.
New Staff Members – We have been very busy interviewing to fill our open positions. Here is a list (and start dates) for our new staff members. Welcome!  
-          Megan Finney (second or 3rd week of October) will be our new librarian 
-          Ashley Gaughan (already started) will be the new Part Time Aide in Mrs. Devita’s room
-          Susan Leahy (October 9) will be the new Part Time Aide in Mrs. Taylor’s room

Weekly Schedule
Monday - Autism Awareness Assembly
Tuesday - Steered Straight Assembly
Wednesday -
Thursday - Staff Meeting 8:00 AM; Grade Level Meetings
Friday - Bus Evacuation Drill

Impossible is Nothing!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 24 - 28

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

@web20classroom at the Bammy Awards.
I need to order these socks this year!
The school seems to be getting into a rhythm. Teachers and students have been establishing routines, and for the most part I have seen very few kids in my office for discipline.

I am excited to welcome Ms. Ashley McCloone to the RM Bacon family. Ms. McCloone will be working as a PBIS aide. She will be assisting classroom teachers with interventions to improve discipline, as well as coordinating the Bear Bucks store, and much more!

This past week we were able have our first official assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to welcome back the students, and teach them about our PBIS program. Our guidance counselor, Ms. Spanbauer, did a bully awareness activity with the students. Is it possible for students to NOT bully this year? Well, for us, Impossible is Nothing!

Video of the week (The Missing Bacon Bear)

This week looks to be another excellent week at RM Bacon. There are plenty of learning opportunities on the horizon. I am excited about what the teachers have planned.

Our Basic Skills and Special Education will be starting this week. All students who identified as needing additional help will begin on Tuesday for Basic Skills and Monday for Special Education.

Teachers - I will am beginning observations this week. This year I am starting with the 5th grade and working my way through the grade levels. Dina will contact you about your week. Please make sure to fill our the pre-observation form, and if you wish, schedule a pre-conference 2 days prior to the observation.

Tech Friday 2.0 begins this week on Friday at 8:20AM. This voluntary professional development opportunity will highlight various technology initiatives such as SMART board,, imovie trailers, blogging, and much more! Maybe Mr. Drewnowski will show us his iphone 5??

Impossible is Nothing!

Weekly Overview:
Monday - Special Education begins
Tuesday - BSI interventions begin
Wednesday - Elementary Guidance Meeting, Lakeside, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Thursday -
Friday - Tech Friday 2.0, 8:20 AM in Room 2; PBIS Meeting, 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 17 - 21

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

We had a very successful Back To School Night. Parents and families were able to participate in the journey we are taking here at RM Bacon. At the beginning of the evening, we showed this new trailer:

After the trailer we discussed how much the NJASK assessment scores have improved, and how the teachers and students will be working together to achieve higher this school year. We also reviewed our discipline data from the past two years, and parents we able to see how our discipline referrals are declining.

The teachers did a fantastic job of communicating to the parents their expectations for the school year. Parents were able to see some of the projects, and technology that the students are using in class.
Mrs. Benson and Mrs. DiGiorgio
Mr. Drewnowski
Mrs. Fallows's classroom
Mrs. Gandy
Mrs. Lunemann

We have another exciting week planned. We will be having an Assembly for students on Wednesday to review the expectations for students during the school year.

Weekly Overview
Monday - Dr. Cook will be out of the office (Mrs. Harris substituting)
Tuesday - Wellness meeting 10:00AM
Wednesday - Assembly
Thursday - 8:00 AM Staff Meeting
Friday - Dr. Cook 1/2 day out of the office (Mrs. Harris substituting)

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 10 -14

Bacon Bears,
You Matter!

We had a wonderful opening to the 2012-13 school year. I would like to thank all of the parents and guardians who participated in our Opening Day Red Carpet Extravaganza! We even made the paper (Daily Journal)

If you were not able to attend, here is a video that was recorded on Opening Day:

As we look to next week, I am excited about the various activities that the students will be engaged in. We will be taking a few more steps closer to achieving the Impossible!

All students in grades 1 - 4 will be going through a screening process for basic skills this week. Results of the screening will help us determine who will need additional assistance in language arts and math.

I will be out of the office on Friday, September 14, 2012. I was nominated for a Bammy Award. The Bammys are featuring a new category this year for excellence in Social Media. I will be attending the event with other nominees such as Dr. Gentile, Superintendent, and Dr. Moore, Asst. Superintendent. We will even have our own red carpet experience! I will post pictures!

Please let us know you are reading the blog. We would like feedback and encourage you to subscribe!

Remember, Impossible is Nothing!

Weekly Overview
Monday - PBIS interviews (1:00 PM - 3:30 PM)
Tuesday - Patriot Day
Wednesday - RtI sweeps
Thursday - RtI sweeps; Back To School Night 7:00 PM
Friday -

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Opening Day 2012-13

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

We roll out the red carpet!

Our first day of school is Thursday, September 6, 2012!
We are inviting and encouraging parents to bring their children to school on Thursday. We will have an opportunity to create lasting memories on our "red carpet" with our own paparazzi! The students will be the stars!

Teachers will be available at 8:55 AM.

Please make sure to report to the following places (Teachers will have signs to help you find them):

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades - Meet on the playground

3rd, 4th, and 5th - Meet on the lawn in the front of the school

We will also have teachers posted in various places with class lists to make sure you know exactly where to go.

At about 9:05 AM we will begin to escort the students into the building for photos.

At about 9:15 AM we will begin our brief welcome assembly which will feature 2 videos!

We look forward to a great year......

Impossible is Nothing!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 4 - 7

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

Back to School is here! This week will be so exciting for all of us. Each staff member will be attending the Opening Day Extravaganza at Lakeside on Tuesday. There has been a lot of "buzz" about this event, and I am sure Dr. Moore and Dr. Gentile will deliver!

The RM Bacon staff will continue to put the finishing touches on our preparation for the school year on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are planning our own Opening Day Extravaganza for parents and students for Thursday! Remember, all students and parents are invited to RM Bacon for an assembly at 9:15 AM! Make sure to look your best :)

Enjoy this video courtesy of Salome Thomas-El, Award-Winning Principal and author of The Immortality of Influence and I Choose to Stay. International Speaker who appears on Dr. Oz, CNN, NPR and Oprah Radio. Philadelphia, PA · 

Weekly Overview
Monday - Labor Day - No School
Tuesday - Professional Development - No School
Wednesday - Professional Development - No School
Thursday - 8:55 AM doors open for 2012-13 school year; 9:15 AM Assembly
Friday -