Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Update

Hello on this warm. sunny August afternoon.  I hope everyone is well.  We are still in the peak of the summer season, but it won't be long before hot days give way to school days and swimsuits get replaced with school clothes.  You still have a few weeks left, so enjoy it.

Summer Happenings
In July, Nancy Gandy (4th grade), Kara Lunemann (1st grade), Amanda Devita (3rd grade), Meganne Peck (art), Beth Rohaly (music), and myself went to the Educational Leaders As Scholars conference hosted by the New Jersey Principal's and Supervisor's Association and Foundation for Educational Administration.  For three days, we learned how to create and sustain an "arts infused" approach to teaching.  We had of plenty of hands-on activities to help get the creative juices flowing in order to experience how we can incorporate aspects of art, music, theater, dance -- you name it - into our instruction.  The purpose?  To create a more engaging experience for our students so they can learn key concepts from all subjects in fun, relevant, out-of-the-box ways.  If done properly, it's a win-win -- the kids love it, and the teachers have more tools at their disposal to help connect students to their learning.

Acquiring the knowledge needed for this program's success 
Mrs. Rohaly and Ms. Peck with Bacon's year-end project.  Nice work, ladies.

Mrs. Gandy is very excited about her drawing 
The Bacon team planning

Mrs. Lunemann already hard at work planning for the upcoming year

Also in July, Beth Rohaly and her husband, Derek, welcomed their first child into the world.  Theo Miles was born at 6:41 am on July 2.  He was 7 lbs, 5 oz, and 20.5 inches.  Congrats to the Rohaly's - we wish you and your new son nothing but the best.

Building News
Our fantastic custodial staff has been working hard all summer to get Bacon ready for another school year.  Everything is looking good and coming along nicely.  They are in the home stretch, and most areas will be ready to go by Tuesday, 8/15. We are asking that staff not come in until that time in order to make sure the work is completed on time and without interruption.

If you've been to Bacon over the summer or you've driven by, you probably noticed our new front steps.  They look great, and as Glenn Hunter commented recently, "We have steps worthy of our great building."  I couldn't agree more.  Thanks to the crew from Brian L Gifford and Co..  They did a fantastic job, and I'm looking forward to seeing students, parents, and other guests use them

Under construction

The finished product
Looks great (still drying off from the recent rain)

Staff Changes

This year, we welcome Stacey Gant and Rose Dalmasi to Bacon.  Stacey will be teaching 4th grade, and Rose will be teaching Spanish.  Amanda DeVita will be returning to the classroom to teach 3rd grade.  Rhonda Spiels will be teaching 1st grade, and Kathleen Pedrick will be teaching RTI.    

Upcoming Dates and Events
August 15th - Building open to all staff

August 23rd - Voluntary PBIS meeting at 10 am.  We will be talking about the upcoming year, some changes we'll be making, planning for the assemblies, and brainstorming ways to improve what's already in place

August 29th - Kindergarten Orientation at 10 am.

September 5th - Teachers's first day

September 6th - Student's first day

September 19th - Back to School Night

See you all soon! Have a great remainder of August.  

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