Sunday, September 24, 2017

September 25 - 29, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


While looking online for something to share during the morning announcements (each day we have a quote or an idea that focuses on our trait-of-the-month -- September's trait is perseverance), I came across a blog that talked about placing more value on commitment than motivation.  I think there is a lot of wisdom in this idea.

Motivation is a good thing, but it can be affected.  A tough week could lower your motivation to get up and get back at it the next week.  Failures or mistakes could challenge one's motivation to stay steadfast on the task at hand.  Outside forces or events can attack our motivation.  Feelings can trick us into thinking our motivation isn't worth maintaining.  Don't get me wrong - motivation is important, and it can be a useful and needed catalyst for change.  But motivation can come and go.  When the work gets tough and we don't see the results or the fruit of our labors as quickly as we'd like, our motivation to keep going can suffer.   If we place too much value or faith in our motivation, we are in trouble if it starts to dwindle.  We could lose focus on our purpose, our mission, our calling, our joy - you name it.

Commitment, however, is an inward dedication to remain consistent despite feelings or circumstances.  Commitment says, "Get up," when you've fallen or made a mistake.  Commitment says, "I can do this," when nothing seems to be going right.  Commitment says, "Focus," when you are bombarded by distractions.  Commitment says, "Keep going," when others (or you) say it's not worth it.  Commitment says, "One more step, one more mile, one more day," when part of you is screaming, "QUIT!"   Commitment says, "Remember why this is important," when you start to lose sight of the goals.  We can't always trust our motivation, but if we are committed, we can trust that no matter what we face, we'll stay true to our course and continue to make progress, even if the results are not yet obvious.

Being motivated is great, but being committed is what ultimately gets the desired results that initially inspired your motivation in the first place.

Staying motivated to teach and reach our students is important and admirable, but staying committed means we'll do the work needed to make sure we get done the right things and do them well.

Everyone have a great week!  Be motivated - stay committed.

Weekly Recap
Lots of great things were happening in the classrooms.  I had a number of opportunities to watch our teachers perform as the true professionals they are.  Students are engaged in meaningful learning, and they are having fun while doing it!  

Tuesday was Bacon's Back-to-School night.  We'd like to thank our parents for a wonderful turnout.  Your dedication to your children's success inspires us to work hard and do our best for them!

On Thursday, Linda from the RAC Team spoke at our staff meeting about our Language Arts goal for the year, guided reading and centers, and running records.  The staff will be trained on running records (and other areas as needed) during upcoming PLCs.

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/25): D day - lesson plans due, 2nd grade LA training during PLC

Tuesday (9/26): E day - another great day of fun and learning  

Wednesday (9/27): A day - Workout Wednesday, staff flu shots, 5th grade Kids about the Bay trip

Thursday (9/28): B day - another great day of fun and learning

Friday (9/29):  C day - School Spirit Day/wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
October 4 - Staff development day (no school for students - staff report for PD)
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)
October 11 - progress reports go home
October 26 - Fire Safety day

Pictures from around the School

Birthday Selfies!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 18 - 22, 2017

Together, we can.  Together, we will!


Bacon is officially off to a busy, fun, and productive start.  Students and staff have shaken off the dust (or should I say sand?) of summer, and we are well on our way to another fun and learning-filled year.  Our school truly has an uplifting, positive environment.  So many students arrive each day smiling and wanting to be here.  Our time with them is sacred, and we'll do everything we can to protect that desire to learn and grow.

Staff, you are off to a wonderful start.  Keep being positive, keep the expectations high, and keep being yourselves!

Weekly recap
On Monday, the district held its first DEAC (District Evaluation Advisory Committee) meeting of the year.  Staff from various district schools met to go over the teacher evaluation process and discuss ways to improve it for all involved.  

On Tuesday, the first Leadership Team Meeting of the year took place.  All the principals, supervisors, and other administrator from around the district met to go over beginning-of-the-year info, where we are as a district, etc.  As a district, we are off to a great start, students and parents are excited about the opportunities available at MPS, and we look forward to a future of continued trust and respect between the schools and the community.  2017-2018 is going to be a great year!

Linda Santiago from RAC (now part of the Comprehensive Support Network) visited Bacon on Thursday to review our school's goals for the year and to outline a forthcoming schedule for teacher training.  In addition to making sure Guided Reading and other centers are effectively occurring within the classroom, she will be providing training and support on how to gauge students' levels so they can receive targeted help as needed.


Back to school night is Tuesday, September 19th at 7 pm.  We hope to see all our parents here!

Staff, there is a meeting this Thursday (September 21st) at 8 am in the library.  Linda Santiago will be here, and she'll spend about 10 minutes going over our Language Arts goal, Guided Reading, and training on running records.  Please bring your laptops to this meeting.  

The Week Ahead
Monday (9/18): D day - lesson plans due, walk throughs begin

Tuesday (9/19): E day -  McREL Evaluator Training (12:30 at Culver - Mike only), Back to School Night (7 pm)

Wednesday (9/20): A day - Workout Wednesday

Thursday (9/21): B day - staff meeting (8 am in the library - Linda from RAC will be here to discuss upcoming training)

Friday (9/22):  C day - School Spirit Day - Wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
September 27 - 5th grade Kids About the Bay trip
October 4 - Staff development day (no school for students - staff report for PD)
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)
October 26 - Fire Safety day

Pictures from around the School

Mrs. Bingham's class doing some strategic planning on setting expectations and how to have a great year 
Enjoying the beautiful start to the year

Ms. Spiels's class demonstrating excellent hallway conduct
Fair and foul weather friends

Bacon pride!

Birthday Selfies!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 11 - 15, 2017


And we're off!

Students and staff alike enjoyed a wonderful first three days of school.  The students were eager and ready to come back, and the staff were on their A-games to ensure a smooth reentry into another fun-filled, learning-rich school year.  New connections were made, old bonds were strengthened, and everybody in the building - everybody - is already moving, talking, and working with purpose.  It was great seeing the familiar faces of Bacon families in the car line or out front, and it was equally nice to get to know the newer faces.  This year, it seems all our Bears - families, students, and staff - are buzzing with excitement at the possibilities before us as we begin the 2017-2018 school year.

Weekly recap
Our opening days saw the students engaged in learning and getting back into the routine.  On the first day of school, we held a brief parent meet-and-greet in our library to give them an opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns they have.

On Friday, we had our welcome back assemblies - one for grades K-2, and the other for grades 3-5.  We talked about what the students can do to have a great year, asked students to give good examples of what following the school rules looks like, and reminded them of our Bear Bucks and Paws Ups incentives.  Bear Bucks are "dollars" they earn for exemplary behavior in following the school rules (be safe, be responsible, be respectful).  The Bucks can then be spent at our school store. Paws Ups are shout outs we give the students if they are caught being awesome.  The students then get their names read on the afternoon announcements, and their names are entered into drawings we have during our PBIS Pep Rallies.  Students who have their names selected get to participate in a fun game or challenge during the assembly.

Beyond that, this week was basically about getting into the flow and jumping head first back into learning.  With the exception of opening day, the weather cooperated, and we had a beautiful, sunny Thursday and Friday for the students to run around outside during recess and burn off some energy while they soaked up some fun.

Back to School Night is on 9/19 at 7 pm.  We hope to see you here.  At this early point in the year, there isn't much to go over in terms of upcoming events, but please check out the important dates at the bottom of the page.

Pictures from around the School

Ms. O'Neill and Mrs. Gant are excited to be back! 
Welcome back assembly

Hanging on every word (right?)
Our newest Bears are ready to have a great year

Learning about Bear Bucks, Paws Ups, and how to be an awesome Bacon Bear 
Mr. Coyle's helpers

Good to go - let's do this

The ever-smiling Mrs. Gandy and Mrs. Markel rocking the Bacon blue.   
Mrs. DeVita explaining a STEAM assignment to her students

Mrs. Bingham's students getting it done on the Chromebooks

Birthday Selfies!

Weekly overview
Monday (9/11): D day - Bacon patriotic day - staff and students wear red, white, and/or blue 

Tuesday (9/12): E day -  Another great day of learning and fun

Wednesday (9/13): A day - Workout Wednesday

Thursday (9/14): B day - An awesome day of learning and fun

Friday (9/15):  C day - School Spirit Day - Wear Bacon gear

On the horizon
September 19 - Back to School Night at 7 pm
September 21 - Staff meeting in the library at 8 am
September 27 - 5th grade Kids About the Bay trip
October 4 - Staff development day (no school for students - staff report for PD)
October 9 - Columbus Day (no school)