Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 29 - May 1

Bacon Bears,

We had a very busy week last week. There were plenty of activities for our teachers and students. In order to capture these events, Mrs. Devita made another really cool video. 

Video recap of last week:

Spotlight of the week: 

Nancy Gandy received an acknowledgement from the NJEA for being a National Board Certificated 

We celebrated Administrative Assistant's Day on Wednesday... We all recognize we couldn't do it without Mrs. Klaudi and Mrs. Polof. THANK YOU!

Mrs. Klaudi and Mrs. Polof

This week the teachers and Dr. Cook will continue to work on the Annual Performance Reviews. The safety patrol will be having their annual luncheon this Thursday. The teachers will be trained at our Thursday faculty meeting on the 2013 NJASK. 

Weekly Overview:
Monday - Another awesome day at RM Bacon 
Tuesday - Another fabulous day at RM Bacon 
Wednesday - Reading Street presentation, 10:00 AM; 
Thursday - NJASK Testing Training Meeting, 8:00 AM; Safety Luncheon 10:30 AM
Friday - Another Impossible day at RM Bacon! 

Impossible is Nothing! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 22 - 26

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

There are so many cool things going on at RM Bacon School this week... 

Pictures from around the school:
Mrs. O enjoying Olive Garden's Pasta for Pennies

We had the RAC team present to our parents at Movie Night

Family Movie Night was a HUGE Success 

Mr. Hudson and Mrs. Benson are collaborating with the ipad minis 

Mrs. Fallows and Mr. Hudson putting theory into action 
... and Kaboom! 

Mrs. Devita invited Dr. Cook to lunch

... and it was yummy! Thank you! 

Weekly Overview 

Monday - Earth Day and Bubbles for Autism; Book Fair begins (Students will visit through art classes and there will be open times) 2 for 1 books! If you want to watch the Lorax there will be a special showing... Stay tuned for more details! 

Tuesday - High School students will teach classes on Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Math through 5th grade and Mrs. Sinone's class

Wednesday - 4th grade visits senior  HS for beauty and the beast, administrative assistant day (Mrs. Klaudi and Mrs. Polof)

Thursday- Take your child to work day; 5th grade participates in multicultural day

Friday- PBIS meeting and Bear Bucks store

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 15 - 19

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

I hope everyone filed their taxes! You have until midnight :)

On Friday, RM Bacon students who were Proficient on the 2012 NJASK were giving a Golden Ticket during homeroom. They reported to the gym at 11:00 AM and were surprised to find out that they would be dining at Golden Corral! For those students taking the NJASK in 2013.... if you are Proficient we will make the same promise! Good luck!

NJASK Proficient students before the big announcement

This week will be very busy at RM Bacon. Teachers will be going through their Annual Performance Reviews with Dr. Cook. The first grade teachers will be learning about the changes to the curriculum next year on Tuesday. 

Students.... Guess what? We learn too... want to see some teachers Generating and Testing Hypothesis? 
Mr. Hudson and Ms. Fallows researching Volcano explosion materials

Parents and students are invited to our annual Family Movie Night on Wednesday at 6:00 PM. We are having lots of special treats such as Dollar Hot Dogs, Popcorn and watching Wreck It Ralph. There will be a special door prize raffle! 

Video of the Week.... Harlem Shake never gets old...

Impossible is really nothing! Check out this TED talk by 12 year old Thomas Suarez

Weekly Overview
Monday - Journeys Reading Program Presentation 1:00 PM (committee has been identified) 
Tuesday - 1st grade Professional Development, Culver Center, all day; HSA meeting 4:00 PM
Wednesday - BSI trip to Wheaton Arts; Family Movie Night (6:00 PM) 
Thursday - Staff Meeting 8:00 AM - NJASK Information Meeting and G/T identification; 5th Grade GLM 9:30 AM 
Friday - Just another awesome day at RM Bacon!  (Teachers grades are due)