Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 21 - March 25, 2016

This week is a shortened week.  I am sure there will be some exciting Spring activities happening on Thursday!  We will begin our Spring Break on Friday, March 25th.  Please have a safe, and healthy break.  We will see you again on Monday, April 4th.  

Coach’s Corner by Mr. Hudson

This week we had a special visitor for grades 3-5.  For two days Ms. Berry had her brother come to Bacon School and work with our students discussing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).  The students witnessed experiments with Peeps, feathers, and water temperature changes.  What made this special was that Mr. Berry drove all the way from Georgia Tech to be with us and pushed our students thinking.  During his presentation he provided the students with new vocabulary as well as allowed students to hypothesis what would happen with each experiment.  Overall, the students enjoyed themselves and are curious as to what next year will bring.  Mr. Berry is already planning to come back next year.  

The rest of my week was spent working with Mrs. Spanbauer on the upcoming PARCC assessment.  Together we organized the testing equipment, rosters, and prepared for our infrastructure test which will occur this week.  This practice run will allow grades 3-5 to get an idea of how everything will work/look and if any changes need to be made prior to testing.  The teachers have been really supportive of this process and are working extremely hard to prepare all students for this upcoming assessment. 

Pictures from around school

2016 Floor Hockey Champs
Moe's Night


Weekly Overview

Mrs. Harris will be our interim Principal until a replacement is made for Dr. Cook

Monday - E Day - Board Meeting 7:00 pm
Tuesday - A Day - Wild About the Bay - 4th Grade
Wednesday -B Day - Wellness Wednesday, Keepin' It Real - 4th Grade
Thursday - C Day - Kindergarten Swim, March Madness (Hoops for Bacon), HSA Fundraiser Due, BEAR Buck Store Only

SPRING BREAK - March 25 - April 3, 2016

School Resumes April 4th 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 14 - March 18 2016

Remember March is Women's History Month.  Kid President gives a shout out to awesome girls from the past and to girls doing awesome things now!

Coaches Corner by Mr. Hudson

This week teachers challenged students to think about the world differently.  As I went into each room, I saw teachers showing students different ways to solve math problems, summarize questions, and learn something that might stretch their thinking.  Overall, students were engaged in all of the learning going on. 

For starters, Mrs. Digiorgio’s class worked with a story that focused on, “The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.”  The students were able to see how a small seed can grow into a large pumpkin over time.  The entire class was eager to learn more information as the story went on.  I think when fall comes around, the students will look at pumpkins a little differently.  The major takeaway I saw students have was when they found out that a pumpkin is a fruit.  
Another exciting activity I witnessed was in Mrs. Sinone’s class.  The students completed a study on braille.  The entire class was extremely engaged and were eager to see their names spelled out in braille.  To take it one step further, the class library had several books that were written in braille.  One of my favorites was “Humpty Dumpty.”  The students along with Mrs. Sinone created a secret message for me to decipher which I am still working on.  I shouldn’t have told them that I was fluent in braille!!! 

Pictures from around school

Birthday Selfie
3rd Grade Team Building Activity
Mrs. Fryling and Mrs. DeVita's classes practicing their shapes.

Taking Math Centers outside on a beautiful March day!
Mrs Sinone and Mrs. Binghams students reading to one another.

Mrs Sinone and Mrs. Binghams students reading to one another.

Weekly Overview

Mrs. Harris will be our interim Principal until a replacement is made for Dr. Cook

Monday - E Day - STEM Day part 1 (3-5)
Tuesday - A Day - STEM Day part 2 (3-5), HSA Meeting 7:00 pm
Wednesday -B Day - Wellness Wednesday, Keepin' It Real - 4th Grade, 3rd Grade Moe's Fundraiser 4-9 pm @ Millville Moe's
Thursday - C Day - Staff Meeting 8:00 am, Kindergarten Swim
Friday - D Day - Multicultural Month Art Show River Renaissance Center 6:30-8:00 pm

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 7, 2016 - March 11, 2016

 It was a Seusstastical Week!

On Tuesday, March 2nd we celebrated Read Across America in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Classrooms all around the country celebrate with a day filled of reading and activities.  Here at Bacon, we went all out!  Check out some of the pictures from around the school celebrating Read Across America Day!

Saying GoodBye to Dr. Cook

On Friday, March 4 we said good-bye to Dr. Cook.  Bacon School will miss him terribly, but we are always moving forward and growing!  Here is a farewell video to honor all the work that Dr. Cook did in his 5 years at Bacon School.  Good luck at Lakeside!

  Coaches Corner, by: Mr. Hudson

This week provided us an opportunity to leap into the future with fourth grade.  Mrs. Gandy and Mrs. Muhlbaier have been working with their students researching and writing to their dream college.  A few students wrote to Cumberland County College and received a special visit from the College President, Athletic Directors, Academic Advisor and a former Millville Alumni basketball player.  The college staff talked with both classes.  The message they sent was very clear, to keep working hard and pursuing their dreams of going to college.  Along with Cumberland County College, the fourth grade have received a lot of swag from other colleges along with letters.  The class of 2024 seems determined and focused.      



On Thursday, Mrs. Bingham’s class invited me in to read for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  Mrs. Bingham had spent the entire week teaching to the class about Dr. Seuss.  The class was able to share with me their favorite story that he has written and some of the fun activities they have done.  I read to them, “Hop on Pop.”  Mrs. Bingham’s students were really engaged with the whole theme of Dr. Seuss and dressed up as Thing 1 – 18.  

In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, I was invited to work with Ms. Anton’s class during Math centers.  During the time, I was able to work with two groups on matching number cards to pictures that corresponded.  The other activity had students place cards in order from 1-20.  We added a one-minute timer for an extra challenge.  Overall, the two groups worked extremely hard and by the end of the centers seemed to have the concepts mastered.  Ms. Anton and Mrs. Banker also had students working with them.  Ms. Anton was working with students on recognizing pennies and quarters.  Mrs. Banker had students building numbers in the teens with tens and ones blocks.  Look out Bacon, the students in room 22 are becoming Mathematicians.        

Pictures from around the school
BEAR Buck incentive!  "Cooking with Candy"
Students made soup for the teachers! Mr. Lokey approved!
Dr. Cooking eating lunch with kindergarten Golden BEAR Buck winners!
3rd Grade Enrichment Club

Weekly Overview

Mrs. Harris will be our interim Principal until a replacement is made for Dr. Cook

Monday - E Day - Another Amazing Day at Bacon, Board of Education Meeting at 7:00pm
Tuesday - A Day - Totally Awesome Day at Bacon
Wednesday -B Day - Wellness Wednesday, Keepin' It Real - 4th Grade
Thursday - C Day - Enrichment Club Follow-Up meeting 8:00am, Kindergarten Swim, Grades 3-5 Math Benchmark #5 Due
Friday - D Day - Reading Street Unit 4 Benchmark Due

Don't forget daylights saving is this Sunday! Spring forward and turn your clocks up!