Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 6 - 10

Bacon Bears,

You Matter!

This is our first full week of May! The countdown has begun... One week left until the 2013 NJASK! We are super excited about how our students are going to perform this year! They are poised to increase proficiency!
Dijana Battle received a Team Achievement award for basketball 

Sadie chose Dr. Cook as her Bear Buddy and wrote up Mrs. Sutton for "bright sneakers" 

Can you find Dr. Cook as a 2nd Grader? 

This week is quiet. We will be preparing the students and the building for the NJASK.... Therefore there are not a lot of activities taking place..... Except we are having the TEST Prep Rally on Friday at 2:00 PM.... We have been working on the test prep song and I think everyone is going to enjoy it.

BSI classes will be canceled on the following dates due to Dibels Testing:
 Monday, May 6th
Tuesday, May 7th
Wednesday, May 8th

Teacher Appreciation Day is Wednesday, May 8th! Make sure to tell a teacher you appreciate them!

Our Wiffle Ball season has been going strong and will continue to meet on Monday and Tuesday. Of course, every Wednesday morning, Mrs. Bingham has the students sweating during the Dare to Be Fit Club. SuccessMaker before and after school will continue this week as well.

Here is my first attempt at doing the RM Bacon Weekly on my Iphone by myself (edited through you tube):

Weekly Overview:
Monday - Wiffle Ball, SuccessMaker, 8:00 AM; SuccessMaker 4:00 PM (No BSI Classes) 
Tuesday - Wiffle Ball, SuccessMaker, 8:00 AM; Grand Canyon University in Teacher Lunches; SuccessMaker 4:00 PM (No BSI Classes) 
Wednesday - Dare to Be Fit, 8:00 AM; SuccessMaker, 8:00 AM; SuccessMaker 4:00 PM (No BSI Classes) 
Thursday - SuccessMaker, 8:00 AM; SuccessMaker 4:00 PM
Friday - Test Pep Rally, 2:00 PM

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