Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 16 - 20

Bacon Bears,

Its all about RESPECT!

We finished our first FULL week! The students have made a great first impression on our teachers. I have heard such positive feedback from teachers and aides about how awesome our kids are behaving! I know that our students will have a great year if they continue to Be Safe, Responsible and Respectful!

I made my way throughout the building this week. I was able to see some really cool things. I watched our Kindergartners prepare for fire drills, 1st graders work out in physical education, 2nd graders enjoy the cafeteria, 3rd graders learn about the school, 4th graders reading with their parents and 5th graders take their benchmark assessments!

The staff will embark on their first "flipped" staff meeting of the year! Prior to the meeting, the staff will watch a video and a Power Point on Student Growth Objectives. At the actual meeting, Ray Jacobs and Dr. Cook will work with teachers to apply what they learned and develop their SGO's. 

Pictures of the Week
We had 25 teachers volunteer to participated in the Technology PLC known as "Tech Friday" 

We look forward to welcoming back Sensei Jon from Best of the Best for our Week of Respect Assembly October 4

What mold do you want to break free from?

Weekly Overview
Monday - PBIS Interviews, 1:00 PM

Tuesday - SPAC Meeting 1:00 PM, Dr. Cook; Back to School 6:30 PM

Wednesday - Another respectful day at RM Bacon 

Thursday - Flipped Staff Meeting 8:00 AM - Topic SGO's and Teacher Evaluation!! Safety Assembly (courtesy of Home and School Association) 9:30 AM

Friday - Wear your Bacon shirts! Grade book set up with Alcia and Carmelita (Computer Lab - All Day) 

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