Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2 - 6

Bacon Bears,

It's all about respect! 

Welcome back. This week we begin another stage in our transition to being a world class school! Teachers will be working collaboratively this week to prepare for the students. On Friday, we are all looking forward to that time when we open the doors for our official opening! We are especially awaiting the arrival of the class of 2026. Kindergartners entering this year will be graduating Millville High School in 2026. Mark your calendars!

The teachers have a lot on their plate this year. Check out this trailer that addresses the changes and how we are going to accomplish the tasks at hand. Yet, as much as things change, we will continue to place the students of RM Bacon Elementary as our guiding light. 

Opening Day Trailer

Earlier this summer we received a call from the Four Seasons of Millville. They wanted to donate supplies to our school. We said... YES! 

Here is the letter and supplies we received
Dear RM Bacon School, 
Take a look at the attached pictures to see the fantastic collection of the school supplies we packed , then loaded the car and delivered them to the school.  We met Principal Spike Cook and several teachers and were so touched by how grateful they were for our donation of over 1,000 items for their students.
We feel so blessed to live in this community of so many wonderful neighbors.
Thank you so much,

Joan Kelly, Pat Bacon and the Social Committee

Brief overview of the week
Monday - Labor Day
Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Opening Day Extravaganza at Lakeside MS
Wednesday - 8:55 AM - 3:55 PM - Professional Development (schedule has been emailed and snail mailed)
Thursday - 8:55 AM - 3:55 PM - Professional Development (schedule has been emailed and snail mailed)
Friday - School Opening - 9:15 AM School Wide Welcome Ceremony

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