Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 21 - 25

Bacon Bears,

It's all about Respect! 

This week the students will be embarking on the new assessment structure in New Jersey that will help us understand our implementation of the Common Core. The new assessments are referred to as the Model Assessments and will be administered 5 times this year (basically every 6 weeks). 

Video of the week - Have you heard of Kid President? Need a Pep Talk?
Take a few minutes to watch this inspirational young man

Here is another story on our Bronze achievement through the Healthy School Alliance

Pictures from around the school (Objectives and Tests are everywhere)
Dr. Cook earned his yellow Prajioud on Saturday. Even Dr. Cook still takes tests! 

Math objectives

Gifted and talented kids learn about Barcodes 

Gifted and Talented objectives 

Weekly Overview
Monday - Model Assessments 
Tuesday - Model Assessments 
Wednesday - Model Assessments 
Thursday - Staff Meeting (PLC updates) 8:00 AM; Model Assessments 
Friday - Model Assessments; PBIS Meeting, 1:30; Bear Bucks Store 2:30 

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