Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18 - 22, 2016

Bacon Bears,

Keys to Character Unlock the Future!

This week began with our observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. What does MLK mean to you? How are we following his legacy? Please feel free to share your experiences!

This week we will be assessing students in the Tri-Annual Response To Intervention (RTI)Sweeps. The results of these "sweeps" help us determine those students who need interventions and assistance. We also use the data collected to see how we are progressing as a school for our School Improvement Plan.

This week the news media outlets visited RM Bacon to see the Nutribullet Kickoff Assembly. All 4th grade students received a Nutribullet, and tasted some yummy (and healthy) smoothies. See what the press had to say:
Daily Journal article - Shakin at Bacon 
South Jersey News - Millville School Gets Help Being Healthy 

We have a new section of the RM Bacon Weekly! Mr. Hudson, our Instructional Coach, will be highlighting his experiences with the teachers and students each week.

Coaches Corner - by Mr. Hudson 
Ms. Votta presenting to Mrs. Pedrick's class
This week the staff at RM Bacon made some amazing breakthroughs with their students.  In first grade, Mrs. Pedrick was able to get rescued turtles into her room compliments of Ms. Votta from Lakeside.  The students really enjoyed learning about the rescuing project that Ms. Votta's class is working on.  When the turtles arrive at Ms. Votta's class in September, they are the size of a nickel, and by June, they are about the size of a silver dollar.  This was a great way to end the first grades study of turtles as part of Mrs. Pedrick's genius project.   You could see the excitement in the students faces as the turtles were passed around.  

In second grade, Mrs. Digiorgio class took their very first online assessment in Reading using the Pearson Realize platform.  The students were really excited to switch to this platform and Mrs. Digiorgio was able to see her students results instantly.  This week they are going to try taking a math assessment along with Mrs. Cheeseman and Mrs. Taylor's class.  Awesome Stuff!!!!
RTI screened Kindergarten in Diebels and began analyzing the results.  I was able to take part in this process and it was awesome to hear/see the hard work of the Kindergarten teachers paying off with their students.  The students worked very hard and thanks to the RTI staff, results were given back for the teachers to see their classes progress.  This week, I am looking forward to working again with the RTI staff on Tuesday and Wednesday as we screen the rest of the school.  Once we are finished, we will show the teachers the results, so they can see how their hard work in paying dividends in the classroom.  Great Week by ALL!!!!

3rd Grader Lexi Grubb submitted a story she wrote for a Gifted and Talented assignment.
Millville History 

Lexi saw the picture of Mrs. Bacon
Did you know the building where Millville’s Historical Society is located was once Millville’s first bank? The property at Second and Main streets was purchased for $1,4000 and the bank was built modeled after a bank in Burlington. Construction cost $3,300. It was originally built with Italianate features and was then remodeled in a Colonial Revival style when the library took over the building. The bank opened on October 14, 1857. On May 13, 1865 the comptroller of the currency of the United States issued the Millville bank a federal charter and it then became known as the Millville National bank. There were three banks in the 1930’s in Millville with Millville National Bank being the only one to survive the Great Depression.

Millville National bank was added to the National Registry of Historic Places on November 20, 1980. In 1908 the Millville National bank moved into new and larger quarters at High and Main streets and the old building was sold to the Millville Library and Reading Room Association, to later become known as the Millville Public Library for the price of $500. The library occupied the building until 1963. Other city offices were housed in the building until 1975. Millville’s first bank is now the headquarters for Millville’s historical society which took over it in 1977.

The walls were separating so they put bars so it would make it better and the people who made the bars and put it were the bars had to be they were awarded $136,000 dollars. Do you know what that house next to it is? That is the Dunn Stratton house. It was owned by the bank’s first president, Nathaniel Stratton. He never actually lived in the house, but rented it.  

Pictures from around the school
Nutribullet Kickoff

Dr. Gentile at the Nutribullet Kickoff

Ms. Candy taking a selfie at the Nutribullet Kickoff

Nutribullet Kickoff

Students working on their Art 

Second graders reading 

Birthday selfies 

Birthday selfies 

Birthday selfies 

Birthday selfies 

Birthday selfies 

Weekly Overview
Monday - No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tuesday - E Day - RTI Sweeps; Math Benchmarks; HSA Meeting, 7:00 PM
Wednesday - A Day - Workout Wednesday; RTI Sweeps; Math Benchmarks; Prudential Disability in Teacher's Lunches
Thursday - B Day - RTI Sweeps; Math Benchmarks; Staff Meeting, Library, 8:00 AM
Friday - C Day - Bacon Pride; RTI Sweeps; Math Benchmarks;

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