Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 12 - 16, 2016


If you blinked, you missed it.  After a summer of planning and preparation, the first week of school (albeit a short one) came and went like a flash.  I hope everyone was able to stop and live in the moment, and I hope everyone soaked in the sea of smiling faces that flooded our halls - the smiles of our little bears as they returned for another year of learning, bonding, and fun.  They are why we do what we do.  They are our WHY.  May every single thing we do create a moment and experience worthy of the Bears that call Bacon home.  

In short, it was a busy but great week.  While it's true that busyness can't be avoided (and sometimes we are more busy than we'd care to be), the challenge is and always has been to find joy in life as it unfolds.  There is greatness to be found in each moment, each day, each week, each get the idea.  In the midst of celebrating each day and finding the greatness in it, I challenge each of us to be great.  Sometimes, it's a work in progress, but it begins with a decision.  Today, let us choose to be great - for ourselves, our families, our friends, and for our students.
Last week in review 

We officially kicked off on Tuesday with our staff meeting.  Topics were covered, stories shared, and planning was done.  We also rolled out our slogan for the 2016-2017 school year: Together, we can.  Together, we will.  This is our underlying philosophy in everything we do this year.  Together, as a staff, we can increase student achievement and make a positive difference in their lives.  Together, with parents, we can equip our Bears for success in school and beyond.  Together, with the community, we can empower our students to be future leaders who will go on to do great things.

The students returned on Wednesday, and we all were ready.  It was wonderful seeing and hearing them reconnect with former teachers and form bonds with their new teachers. An exciting and productive year of learning is officially underway!  The parents were all smiles, too, as they brought their Bears to Bacon.  It was a great week - the first of many.

Pictures from around the school

Learning our school rules through an interactive game in Mrs. Gandy's class

Playing a game and learning about positive behavior in Mrs. Gandy's class

Friday's "Welcome Back" assembly.  The Bears were great!

Mr. Cooper bringing it!  He talked to our bears about good choices and being positive.  His fraternity adopted our school last year, and we are continuing the partnership this year. 

Showing off some art in Mrs. Taylor's class

All smiles for the first week

1st grade selfie (with some mean sun glare)

Safety Patrol keeping me safe

Mrs. Fryling's husband came in to talk to the Bears about his career in the military.  Thank you for your service and for spending some time with the students.

Being skeptical in Mrs. Lunemann's class
Reconnecting with all sorts of friends

He tried to stump me.  From the look on my face, I think he did. 

Birthday selfies - from the summer and the week

Next week

Please join us for these events:

On Tuesday, September 13th, we will host a Community Night from 5-7.  This is a free event (food will be available for sale).  All who live in the area are welcome to come celebrate the beginning of the school year with us.  There will be games, activities, and displays for the whole family to enjoy.  We hope to see you.

And Tuesday, September 20th, is our Back To School night.  All parents are encouraged to join us for our open house.  We look forward to seeing you!

Weekly overview (be sure to check the official school calendar) 
Monday: D day - The start of a great week at Bacon
Tuesday: E day - Community Night from 5-7 p.m.  
Wednesday: A day 
Thursday: B day
Friday: C day - Wear Bacon gear


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