Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 10 - 14, 2016

It's been a busy week here at Bacon, so let's get right to it!

On Monday, I attended a personal coaching session for principals and other school leaders.  I found the experience to be worthwhile, and I've been given an opportunity to improve on some areas of my job where I felt I needed some work.  What I really liked about the session was that through some back-and-forth conversation between myself and the coach, these areas where I could focus my energy and improvement came up naturally.  Nothing felt forced, and I didn't feel like I was being judged or evaluated.  My time with the coach certainly gave me a few things to think about.  It was timely, too.  At school, I'm constantly telling the students and staff to be great, grow, be the best you can be, etc., and my coaching session forced me to squarely face a few things where I could do better myself.  The time of reflection and self-honestly was powerful.     

Sign located on our top floor.
There is a lot of truth to this saying.
Tuesday saw the return of the RAC (Regional Achievement Center) team for the 2016-2017 school year. A few of the members have stopped by since school started, but this was the first time most of the team came together to visit our school this year.  The RAC functions as a support team for school improvement, and they operate at the state-level.  While they were here, they visited several classrooms, stopped by the cafeteria, asked about curriculum and instruction, and took the school's "temperature" regarding culture and climate.  While that all sounds official and heavy duty (and it is), the RAC team is nothing but positive and supportive.  We got a lot of great feedback for our school, especially in the areas of culture and climate.  We also got some useful thoughts on how to improve on what's already here, and that is something we are always striving for - growth, growth, growth.  The bottom line - our passion and dedication show, and I couldn't be happier.  Bacon has the right approach and mindset to continue to grow and succeed.  Great job, Bacon Bears, and thanks to the RAC for a good day of feedback and positivity.  It was a great and productive visit.

The 5th grade class took a historical and nature-filled field trip to the Bivalve/Shellpile area on Thursday.  They learned some local history and explored some nature unique to the area.  The students had a good time, and they appreciated the opportunity to have that experience. 

On Friday, we had our first district in-service day of the year.  All of our teachers and some of our other staff members spent the day in a variety of workshops.  After lunch, several of our K-5 teachers returned to Bacon for some in-house professional development, and many others reported to Holly Heights for Google training.  It was a busy day all around, and I want to personally thank Mrs. Digiorgio, Ms. Peck, Mrs. Rohaly, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. DeVita for stepping up and being willing to host their own PD sessions at Bacon. 

Everyone, have fun this weekend.  Relax, decompress, unwind.  Spend some time with family and friends, pick up a book, skip off somewhere fun for the three-day weekend - whatever you do, have a blast.

Be great. Be awesome.
"Together, we can.  Together, we will." 

  • The Mobile Dentist that was supposed to visit on 10/6 had to reschedule.  Once we get word on when that will be, we'll pass that along.
  • Remember - no school on Monday.  Enjoy your three-day weekend.

Pictures from around the School

Congrats to our students of the month for displaying the character trait of respect! 
Our "Caught being Awesome" board is already full for October!  Paws up to you, Bears!

Smile, Ms. Peck - you're on Coyle Camera

Ms. Peck and Mrs. Rohaly giving an overview of Arts Infused

Birthday Selfies!
Nurse Pruett!

Monday (10/10): No school - Columbus Day
Tuesday (10/11): C day - PBIS Tier Two meeting (10:44 - 11:24, conference room)
Wednesday (10/12): E day - Workout Wednesday
Thursday (10/13): A day - PBIS Events Planning Committee (8 am in the library), progress reports get sent home
Friday (10/14): B day - A fabulous Friday!

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