Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 23 - 27, 2017


Weekly Recap

Another week has come and gone.  It's hard to believe the end of the second marking period is fast approaching, and the 2016-2017 school year will be half over.  Our staff is doing a wonderful job engaging our Bears and continuing to create an environment of learning.

Linda Santiago from the RAC team was here last week to demonstrate guided reading lessons to our staff.  Everyone involved did a great job. Teachers observed how a guided reading lesson could be done, and they were able to ask questions about the process.  Linda will be back next week to meet with each PLC (see weekly overview below) for a longer time of feedback and to answer any additional questions.  I'm happy to report that Linda had wonderful things to say about our school.  She loved our positive, can-do attitude and the fact that our staff felt comfortable asking questions. She was also impressed with how well our teachers know the needs of our students, and she admired the genuine family feel and caring atmosphere at this school.  Great job, Bears!!

At Thursday's staff meeting, we began the process of having teachers meet with their grades and other grade levels in order to make sure we are being consistent in our understanding of district expectations, benchmarks, etc.  This process will continue throughout the school year, and it will be a time for staff members to communicate with people beyond their PLCs in order to share best practices, analyze data, check-in with other grade levels, ensure we are covering the material we need to be covering, etc.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

The Week Ahead

As mentioned, Linda will be here to debrief and provide feedback and information regarding her guided reading demo lessons.

Our SIP meeting will be Thursday morning, and Amanda DeVita will be facilitating.  Some of the things they'll be looking at are the SIP goals and reviewing our year-to-date progress in meeting those goals.

Our PBIS assembly will be on Friday. We have a little something special in store for those students who received PAWS UPs in the month of January.  Also, we'll be sharing some information regarding Jump Rope for Heart.

Everyone have a great week.  Remember - together, we can.  Together, we will!

Pictures from around the School

Students watching the inauguration

Teachers sharing a historic moment with their students
Our awesome staff sharing and planning together

More planning and sharing
We have some comedians at Bacon (and a few people who don't like spiders)

Dare to be Fit!

Getting in shape

Having fun while staying active

An important lunch meeting

Students trying fresh honey

Testing the honey

"Bees make it best!"
Cooking with Candy

Healthy and fun

Ms. Candy and her helper Bears making it happen

She did a great job!

Birthday Selfies

Weekly overview
Monday (1/23): A day - lesson plans due, Linda from the RAC team to visit 1st and 3rd grade PLCs to debrief on guided reading demo, Board Meeting (7 pm at Culver)

Tuesday (1/24): B day - A Terrific Tuesday 

Wednesday (1/25): C day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday

Thursday (1/26): D day - SIP team meeting (8 am in the library), Linda from the RAC team to visit K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs to debrief on guided reading demo (Mr. Coyle will be at the SAMS conference -- Mr. Scott Sheppard will be in for him)

Friday (1/27): E day - Wear Bacon Gear, PBIS Respect the 29th Pep Rally and Bear Bucks Store (9:30 - 10:30 am in the gym)  (Mr. Coyle will be at the SAMS conference -- Mr. Scott Sheppard will be in for him)

**looking ahead -- Monday (1/30) -- District Staff Development - all schools will be closed 

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  1. There are few elementary schools anywhere as committed to data driven decision making as R. M. Bacon, nobody works more diligently at working smarter.