Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20 - 24, 2017


What a week!

We celebrated our 100th day of school last week, and it was a day full of learning, in-class challenges, and even dressing up and being silly. Several students and a few staff members dressed the part, and the number 100 was used in creative ways during teachers' lessons.  And in one class, they even celebrated the 101st day (see the 101 Dalmatians inspired picture above).   It's hard to believe we've passed the 100 day mark.  Before you know it, the weather will be turning warmer (this weekend was a teaser, but let's not get too comfortable just yet), and we'll be gearing up for the spring activities here at Bacon.

Jump Rope for Heart was a success this year!  We'd like to give a special thanks to the Leaders Club from the high school for helping out.  Our Bears raised $1,400!  Incredible job!  Great work to all who raised money and helped out that day.

Valentine's Day was a fun, healthy, and even an academic day (what else would it be??)  I saw healthy snacks being used creatively in lessons (graphing, estimating, and ratios), and the students brought a little extra nice to school that day.  Let's work on keeping that feeling going the rest of the year.

The week ahead

We have a busy 4-day week coming up.  On 2/22, we have our Pizza Bingo night at Bacon as well as the Traveling Science Show at Lakeside (see the flyers in last week's blog) -- two good options if you are looking to do something fun, and there's actually time to do both should you desire.

Also on Wednesday, we have Alicia and Lauren, our district's tech trainers, coming to Bacon for the day.  They'll be available to help the staff with all things tech and Google related.  Thank you, ladies.  

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Mrs. Karen Harris for being on standby for me this week. I have jury duty, and in case she is needed, she has graciously agreed to come in should I be called.  Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Harris!

Everyone have a great week.  Be great. Do great things.

Pictures from around the School

It starts with your mindset

Ms. Riley with a few Bears

100th day of school challenge 
Valentine's Day activities

Counting and graphing in 1st grade 

It's all in how you approach obstacles 
Our new Mindset board

Leader's Club students helping with Jump Rope for Heart

Dancing in Mrs. Lore's class

Jump Rope for Heart 
High School/Bacon connection

Jumping and seeing triple 
Not just jump rope

In the moment 
Staying fit for a good cause

Jump-stacle course 
Two is better than one

Thank you, Leaders Club! 
Fundraiser winner!  Max Richter raised $267!  Awesome!

Birthday Selfies!

Weekly overview

Tuesday (2/21): D dad - lesson plans due, K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs, High School to visit Bacon for 3rd-5th grade chorus

Wednesday (2/22): E day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday, Tech Day with Alicia and Lauren, Pizza Bingo (6-8 pm at Bacon), Traveling Science Show (7-9 pm at Lakeside Middle School)

Thursday (2/23): A day - SIP meeting (8 am in the library), Kindergarten Swim

Friday (2/24): B day -  A fabulous Friday

**Looking ahead**
2/27 - Read Across America Week begins

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