Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 3 - 7, 2017


As hard as it is to believe, April is here.  With the return of spring come all the school events and activities that generally take place as the school year begins to concluded - spring break, testing, field trips, Olympic Day, Fun Day, graduation, etc. Even though these events are on the horizon, they aren't here yet.  We have a ways to go (well, spring break is pretty close), and a lot of good things to get done.  And because of that, we want to make sure we stay focused on the here and now, on learning and instruction, on engaging students, and on continuing to build connections and foster relationships with our Bears.  When I was a teacher, a former vice principal used to encourage us to, as he put it, "Maintain educational tempo."  I always liked that.  No matter what is happening or about to happen, we still teach in the moment.  We still give our learners the best of us all day, every day - even when the weather is nice and a lot of things are happening at once.  We are still here to engage, equip, and empower.  And, of course, have fun while we do it.  As I walked around the building this week, I saw amazing things happening.  We are still on point with our purpose and reason for being here.  Great work -  keep it up!  Maintain tempo, and stay the course.

Last week, we held our monthly Respect the 29th PBIS Pep Rally.  Our focus for the students was twofold - 1) we reminded them to continue being respectful, awesome learners, and 2) we encouraged them to come to school every day.  This month, over 50 students had perfect attendance, and we set a goal of over 70 students for April.  We can do it!

Our challenge of the month was a balloon pop.  Participants were drawn from the list of students who received a Paws Up since our last assembly.  The staff even got to play a round.  It sounded a little like the 4th of July in that gym, and the students - and staff - were laughing and having a blast.  

We then transitioned into our PBIS Bear Bucks store.  Our students were able to spend their hard-earned bucks on great prizes (which got even greater thanks to our hard-working PBIS aide - thank you, Ms. Berry!).  Before the assembly started, I asked all the students who received Bear Bucks since our last assembly to hold them up.  Nearly every student help up some blue money.  I then asked every student who received a Paws Up to raise their hand.  Again, many did.  Great job students on earning your rewards, and great job staff on continuing to recognize students for their hard work and good choices.

Also this week, we had our Hoops for Bacon fundraiser.  The cost was $5 or 50 box tops to participate, and over 60 students raised around $350 dollars for Bacon.  For an hour after school on Thursday, the students shot hoops at various stations set up around the gym.  Parents were able to come and watch, and everyone who played had fun with their friends and raised money for Bacon by doing it.  I'd like to thank Mrs. Muhlbaier, Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Banker, and Ms. O'Neill for their work and dedication in setting up and supervising the event.  All who came had a blast.

On a personal note, April 4th will mark one year since becoming this great school's principal.  Simply put, it's been wonderful year.  Bacon truly feels like family, and I'm completely honored to do what we do with such great people.  Thanks for a year (a calendar year, anyway) of great memories and experiences.

That's all for now.  No baby yet, but we're getting closer.  This could be the week.  Everyone have a great one - keep working hard, keep coming to school, keeping giving your all, and keep being great!

Hoops for Bacon

Pictures from around the School

Birthday Selfies

Weekly overview
Monday (4/3): C day - lesson plans due

Tuesday (4/4): D day - K, 2nd, and 5th grade PLCs

Wednesday (4/5): E day - Dare to be Fit (8 am in the gym), Workout Wednesday, 4th grade PLC

Thursday (4/6): A day - Staff meeting (8 am in the library), Spring Pictures, 1st and 3rd grade PLCs

Friday (4/7): B day - Wear Bacon Gear, Eddie Eagle assembly (2 pm in the gym)

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