Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 17 - 21

Bacon Bears,

We are in the final days of the school year, but we want to ensure that our school rules are still followed:
-   Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful

 3rd Grade into 4th Grade Only
Summer Assignments will be distributed this week. Any questions, email

Teacher Requests for 2013-14?
Teacher requests for next school year must be in writing to Dr. Cook by July 1, 2013

Weekly Overview:
Monday, June 17, 2013(Full Day)
10:00 AM Awards Ceremony and 5th Grade Graduation

3:00 PM Student Only Dance Party for Coach Musarra

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
No Lunches will be served

5th grade student only Farewell Ceremony

Early Dismissal 1:40 PM – There will be Latch Key

Summer Overview:
This summer there will be many changes to the building:
-         A newly redesigned cafeteria
-         New carpet in the Library
-         Redesign of the Faculty Lounge
-         White Boards installed in each classroom
-         Summer Program for selected 3rd graders into 4th grade
-         New WiFi throughout the entire building

Coach Musarra
Coach Rocky Musarra will be retiring after 35 years of service to the Millville Public Schools.

Coach began his teaching career as a shared teacher between Culver School and Bacon School. Soon after, he became full-time at Bacon and the rest is history!

Coach will leave a long legacy of students, teachers and administrators who he has impacted.

We are inviting everyone to attend a celebration of his teaching career on Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 1pm-4pm in the Cave.

Please stop by and wish him well! 

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  1. I miss bacon school so much! I miss Coach Musarra, and all of my great teachers! I am and always will be a bacon bear! My whole family are bacon bears! My two uncles and my mom! My grand mother even worked there as a cafeteria lady for quite a time. Now I'm going into memorial as a 9th grader and boy am I nervous! I felt so much at home when I was in bacon. when going to lakeside as a 6th grader I knew I was going to miss my family at bacon! coach used to call me "baby doll" for the longest time! Every one knew me as little Lindsey! I still see teachers around town that recognize me! Every time I saw Mrs. Peck at lakeside I would give her a huge bacon bear hug! now that I'm going to memorial I'm going to miss lakeside as well. lakeside was a amazing school! now onto memorial a whole new adventure. I have so much bacon bear pride! Then Now Always Family! I will forever be a bacon bear and every one in that school as made me proud to be one! ~Lindsey Slimmer~